Forbes Tech Council: How Edge AI is Fueling Industry 4.0 Outcomes

This article argues for a more efficient approach for manufacturers to integrate edge AI for industry 4.0 solutions.

Forbes Tech Council: How Edge AI is Fueling Industry 4.0 Outcomes

"Unlike industrial revolutions of the past that centered on the physical world, the digital element introduced in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is giving rise to new innovations and smart solutions across the entire manufacturing sector. Digitization is being powered by the latest advancements in networking connectivity; computing; the Internet of Things and sensor technologies; automation and robotics; and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)

For manufacturers, Industry 4.0 creates endless possibilities that range from improving insight and visibility into supply chain operations, reducing hazardous conditions and improving worker safety to performing predictive maintenance for reduced equipment downtime.

To make this vision a reality, manufacturers must make sense of all the various sensors, actuators and devices and decide where to perform the analytics that inform the applications, dashboards and alerting solutions that operators use. The main barriers to Industry 4.0 today aren't use case related but rather focused on how to ensure interoperability between all the physical and digital capabilities in the most efficient and cost-effective way."

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