Powering AI at Scale

Modzy is the ModelOps and MLOps software platform for businesses to deploy, manage, and get value from AI—at scale.

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Complete ModelOps and MLOps for AI—anywhere

Modzy ModelOps and MLOps to deploy machine learning


Move AI models from the lab into production in minutes, not months

Modzy ModelOps and MLOps to integrate machine learning into your tech stack


Integrate models into data pipelines and applicaitons with just a few lines of code

Modzy ModelOps and MLOps to run machine learning workloads at scale


Infrastructure usage autoscales to balance costs, efficiency, and latency needs

Modzy ModelOps and MLOps to monitor and retrain machine learning


Track model usage and performance, monitor drift, and see results explainability

Get AI working for you

Modzy ModelOps platform handles all the AI deployment, monitoring, governance and continuous improvement of models in your organization.

Modzy ModelOps platform handles all the AI deployment, monitoring, governance and continuous improvement of models in your organization
Modzy ModelOps Platform Dashboard

AI for the enterprise and teams

Deploy anywhere: On-Premise, Cloud, or at the Edge

Unmatched security: 354 certified security controls

Easy integration: open source SDKs and open API

Faster deployment
Easy integration
Centralized monitoring
Military-grade security

Success with Modzy

Get results from your AI investments

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NEW Modzy in Gartner Report


See why Gartner® named Modzy a Representative Provider for ModelOps and Explainable AI. Get the full report to learn more about trends and technologies driving this transformation.

Easy to use ModelOps and MLOps documentation


Full report from Forrester Research available for a limited time. Download to learn more about how ModelOps is unlocking value with AI at scale.

ModelOps platform integrations to get started quickly

Research Report

2021 Industry trends report from Ipsos Research. Discover how organizations are investing in AI, barriers they may face, and how they view the future of AI and its impact on their work.

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs to get started quickly

Quickly connect to data pipelines and business apps to deploy and run models. Open API controls every aspect of the platform, accelerating your AI-enabled apps.

Developers use their favorite ML training frameworks and easily connect to Modzy SDKs or CLI.


Open Architecture

Save time by using the development or workflow tools of your choice, allowing you flexibility to work in a way that's best for you now, and for the future.


Infrastructure Optimization & Autoscaling

Customizable model auto-scaling to control infrastructure usage and costs, and reduce latency for high-frequency jobs.


AI Power Anywhere

Use our open-source SDKs for many languages (e.g. Python, Java, JavaScript) to integrate Modzy with your existing tools in as little as five lines of code.

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