Modzy is the Enterprise AI platform and marketplace offering scalable, secure, and ready-to-deploy AI models.


Choose which models you use, how much you use, and how you deploy


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Deploy with only a few lines of code, and scale to any infrastructure



Embedded governance and patent-pending adversarial defense

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Modzy, which combines aspects of machine learning operations, multi-tenant cloud, governance and explainability and an open AI/ML algorithm/model marketplace into a single offering is so intriguing. Nothing like this has been done before and Booz Allen's entry into the AI Software Platform market with Modzy may be the leading edge of how AI/ML models are sold, deployed and operated in the future. IDC

Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems
Ritu Jyoti, Program Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Strategies

Modzy in Action

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief

Modzy AI models can be used to analyze feeds across social media to help find victims of natural disasters in need of assistance. Modzy empowers first responders on the front lines to better prepare for and respond to humanitarian assistance and natural disaster relief efforts.

Green Energy Planning

Modzy AI models can survey satellite imagery to identify good locations for solar panel installation. Modzy empowers cities to offer more clean energy choices to residents, which helps reduce their environmental footprints.

Adversarial Defense & Explainability

The Modzy Enterprise AI Platform offers built-in adversarial defense and explainability, patent-pending solutions developed out of Modzy Labs. Our scalable solutions make it possible to provide consistent levels of trust and demonstrably reduce the risk to AI.

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