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Choose which models you use, how much you use, and how you deploy


Speed & Scale

Deploy with only a few lines of code, and scale to any infrastructure.


Zero-trust security architecture and patented adversarial defense

Modzy : The ModelOps Platform

ModelOps: power to deploy, govern, monitor, and secure AI at scale.

Modzy, which combines aspects of machine learning operations, multi-tenant cloud, governance and explainability and an open AI/ML algorithm model marketplace into a single offering is so intriguing.


Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems
Ritu Jyoti, Program Vice President, Artificial Intelligence Strategies

AI Solutions by Industry- Powered by ModelOps

Financial Services

Confidently accelerate AI solutions in Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud and Credit/Lending with military grade security and model explainability

Energy & Utilities

Solutions for better decision-making in Energy Transmission, Consumer Savings, Forecasting, and Automated Demand Management


See Modzy solutions for Underwriting, Fraud Detection, and Damage Estimation which can proactively mitigate risk, drive down costs, and improve customer service

Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief
Life Sciences

Ensure trusted solutions in AI powering critical applications and decisions in Pharmacovigilance, Diagnostics, and Supply Chain Optimization in complex enterprises

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Flexible deployment creates easy integration for solutions in Site Management, Schedule Optimization, and Enhanced Safety Monitoring

Adversarial Defense & Explainability

Secure and accredited solutions for using AI in Civil Government Organizations, Military Operations, and Unique Missions tailored for Federal Government

One Place for All Your AI

Deploy your own AI models via the ModelOps platform, and connect your AI pipeline. Or subscribe to certified, pre-trained and retrainable models in the Model Marketplace
Our AI Model Marketplace follows a different approach than others – we go through the process of vetting all models submitted so that your data science teams can quickly get to work without worrying about tracking down model training and performance details. By subscribing to models in the marketplace, your teams get:
  • Access to top performing AI models from leading AI companies
  • Model detail page for every model, including model architecture, training data, performance metrics, and validation data
  • Easy uploading, management, storage, and security for your own models
  • Retrainable models customizable for your data and problem set
  • Explainability for pixel-based neural networks
  • Adversarial Defense to detect poisoned data and prevent model tampering