Powering AI at Scale

Modzy is the software platform for organizations and developers to responsibly deploy, manage, and get value from AI—at scale.

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Use AI to drive results

The Modzy ModelOps platform helps large and small organizations quickly progress from using AI in the lab to production. Organizations gain security, automated deployment, monitoring, governance and continuous improvement of analytical models running 24x7 within your organization.

Modzy ModelOps Platform Dashboard

AI for the enterprise and teams

The Modzy ModelOps platform automates model deployment and operations. Upload models from anywhere, manage the full lifecycle, and easily integrate with your data pipelines and front-end applications. Add AI power to any business application.

Deploy Anywhere: On-Premise, Cloud, or at the Edge
Unmatched Security: 354 certified security controls bring military-grade security and comprehensive risk management to your AI
Many types of models: AI, deep learning, machine learning, statistical, and rule-based

  • Deploy

    Cloud, On-premise, and the Edge – use AI models anywhere

    • Integrate with all model training platforms and data pipelines
    • Discover and share models
    • Register and validate models across versions
    • Deploy and scale high performance CPU or GPU models
    • Control access and permissions based on roles
  • Run

    ModelOps platform that autoscales depending on your needs

    • Autoscale CPU and GPU usage to balance costs and efficiency
    • Audit and prioritize workloads to optimize infrastructure costs
    • View model consumption and infrastructure usage
    • Orchestrate clusters to optimize edge workloads
  • Monitor

    Automated management, alerting, and performance reporting

    • Set baseline thresholds and alerts for drift detection
    • Track model usage and performance for all deployment options
    • Control job escalation and high priority workflows
    • Conduct retraining and versioning for models that drift
    • See explainability results for model predictions
    • View centralized performance reporting by role
  • Secure

    Military-grade security to keep your models and predictions robust

    • RBACs and API keys to limit permissions
    • End-to-end encryption and mutual TLS authentication
    • Run on your infrastructure to meet your security requirements
    • Generate audit logs for all API actions
    • Detect and block data poisoning and adversarial attacks against models

Success with Modzy

Centralize the management of all AI models across your team or organization. Integrate AI into your existing systems to drive business results.

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs designed for quick integration

Out-of-the-box integrations allow you to use AI anywhere. Modzy accelerates the process of building powerful AI applications by allowing developers to use their favorite tools and languages.


Open Architecture

Save time by using the development or workflow tools of your choice, allowing you flexibility to work in a way that's best for you now, and for the future. 


Infrastructure Optimization & Autoscaling

Customizable model auto-scaling to control infrastructure usage and costs, and reduce latency for high-frequency jobs.


AI Power Anywhere

Use our open-source SDKs for many languages (e.g. Python, Java, JavaScript) to integrate Modzy with your existing tools in as little as five lines of code. 

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Connect your AI ecosystem

Model Training Frameworks

Connect to your favorite tools to quickly package and deploy your models into production, reducing the time it takes to build AI powered applications.

Tools, Data Pipelines, CI/CD Systems, and Monitoring

Link your existing data pipelines, open source tools and commercial products together to build the optimal ModelOps pipeline for your team or organization - keeping your models up-to-date and accurate.


Add AI into your custom applications with open source SDKs, REST endpoints, and libraries for many developer languages.

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Choose which models you use, how much you use, and how you deploy


Speed & Scale

Deploy with only a few lines of code, and scale to any infrastructure.



Zero-trust security architecture and patented adversarial defense