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Modzy for Developers

The easiest way to add ML to your apps

We built Modzy for devs just like us.


Build faster with APIs

Quickly connect new ML models to your apps with just a few lines of code - including LLMs.


Customize AI pipelines

Develop powerful AI pipelines for video, audio, text, and tables.


Run AI wherever its needed

Process massive data sets in AWS, Azure, on-prem or at the edge.

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Features for developers

APIs and SDKs

APIs for everything and SDKs in all your favorite languages.

CI/CD integration

Deploy models via CI/CD pipelines, from code repository to production.

Batch, real-time, & streaming

Process data quickly in any paradigm using Modzy's REST and gRPC APIs.

CPU, RAM, and GPU configuration

Customize hardware configurations that are perfect for your models and apps.

Edge processing

Bring your ML-powered apps to nearly any ARM or x86 edge device.

Amazing docs

There's nothing worse than bad or missing docs; we promise that will never happen with Modzy.

Learn more

See how else Modzy can help you build the most epic AI-powered tools, apps, and products.

Tutorial to create a simple web app that runs a Modzy-hosted model

Learn more about an API-centric approach to building and maintaining AI-enabled applications

Teams can deploy, run, and manage AI models at the edge, enabling real-time predictions, low latency, and better security.

Start quickly with guides, code projects, and SDKs.

Build AI Powered Solutions Faster

Deploy, connect, and run machine learning models in the enterprise and at the edge

Build AI Powered Solutions Faster