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Modzy offers simple pricing so you can anticipate and control costs. Our ModelOps platform unlocks value for your AI at scale.

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What do customers think of Modzy?

Their ease of integration is great. We also like the ability to run different models with a simple integration.

–Dorian Earl
Salesforce Developer

Highly satisfied with the scalability and ease of use of the machine learning APIs. The documentation was concise, easy to use, and understand. Installation in ArcGIS took less than a minute and the performance was very fast with results instantly displayed on the map window.

–Abdul Syed
Geospatial Developer

Modzy’s SDK was very simple to work with and it made integrating their ML capabilities into my Web app very easy. Working with the platform is a pleasure!

–Anthony Rodriguez
Software and Data Engineer

Hugely satisfied with Modzy to manage my team’s machine learning inferences and auditing.

–Richard L.
Technical Director, Revenue Recognition
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Optional use of pre-trained models

Use your own models, or get started quickly by subscribing to one or more of the pre-trained models available only in the Modzy Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Pilot Program?

Yes. The Pilot will give you all features of the Modzy platform and models in the marketplace. Also included is access to the Modzy on-boarding team to help you upload your own models and take advantage of the Modzy API and SDK for integrating models into the applications your users know best!

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. You can always upgrade from your Teams plan to the enterprise plan. You can also add model subscriptions monthly or quarterly. Please contact our sales team to find out more.

Is computing infrastructure included in pricing?

If Modzy is installed on your hardware, your AWS or Azure cloud, or your edge device, the pricing does not include the associated infrastructure costs that are managed in your environment.

Is there a monthly plan?

While most of our customers sign up for annual plans, we do offer a monthly plan.

What is enhanced technical support?

With enhanced technical support, your support requests go to the top of the queue for our team of Modzy experts to help you.

Do I have to use models from the Modzy marketplace?

Nope. You can subscribe to the Modzy platform only and use it to manage and deploy your own models. Regular updates to the platform will also include the ability to see all of the available models, in case you want to change your mind.

My environment doesn’t have internet access, can Modzy support this?

Yes, Modzy was designed to support airgap installations. You can install and configure Modzy yourself or add on the Modzy on-boarding support with the right credentials.

What currencies are accepted?

The prices above are in USD. However, we can work with you to support additional currencies such as CAD, EUR, GBP, AUD, and NZD.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept most credit cards and, for larger organizations, we support invoicing.