ModelOps and MLOps platform

Deploy, integrate, run, and monitor AI—anywhere. Unmatched platform features to manage the full lifecycle of trained AI models—Modzy is powering AI for the enterprise.

ModelOps & MLOps for enterprise
Deploy and scale anywhere
Full Edge AI support
Easy integrations
Enterprise-grade security

Modzy is the ModelOps and MLOps software platform for businesses to deploy, manage, and get value from AI

Fits your business needs


Free. Start quickly and unlock the value of public AI models hosted by Modzy


Deploy your own models with Modzy ModelOps & MLOps features hosted in the cloud

Enterprise + Edge

The leading ModelOps & MLOps platform to accelerate the deployment, integration, and governance of production-ready AI

Easy integration

Fits within your existing tech stack, with flexibility for the future. MLOps platform capabilities - extended. MLOps is deploying, scaling, and managing machine learning models. ModelOps does that for ALL AI models - ML, computer vision, NLP, and more.

ML Training frameworks

Data Pipelines & CI/CD Systems

Business applications

Modzy ModelOps and MLOPs Platform easily integrates into your tech stack

Deploy anywhere

The only MLOps platform with the power to deploy anywhere. Try the hosted version of Developer or Basic+ for free, or see the other deployments in action with a Modzy Enterprise demo.

Public Cloud

Get started with Modzy Developer or Basic+ hosted in the public cloud


Scale MLOps in your own infrastructure, data center, or multiple locations

Private Cloud

Use your own private cloud and existing security policies on AWS, GCP, or Azure


Use multiple cloud providers at the same time, or mix your infrastructure with cloud

Air gap

Scale Modzy in disconnected and physically separated environments


Use any x86 or ARM device to bring MLOps across your edge infrastructure

No code model deployment

Make your model production-ready with one of our no-code integrations, or if you already have a container, import it directly.

Autoscale and pipeline MLOps

Autoscale infrastructure of choice — on-premise, cloud, edge, or hybrid with deployment pipelines to common CI/CD systems.

Train, experiment and test-drive

Train using your favorite training frameworks and auto-pipeline into Modzy projects for full ModelOps capability. Test-drive models for accuracy, precision, and infrastructure performance.

ModelOps platform to manage AI assets

Single pane of glass

See all the models your organization created or licensed from leading AI companies. Workflows, approvals, auditing, performance tuning, and full governance to control costs and create value from AI.

Transparency, not guesswork

Curate different versions of models, complete with training data linage, model architectures, CI/CD integration to existing workflows, and detailed performance metrics. Transparency of model performance, characteristics, and usage over time.

Enterprise-grade security

Proven security for the enterprise.
Modzy addresses 354 accredited security controls from NIST 800-53, Rev. 5 that directly support FISMA Moderate and FedRAMP accreditation, and is DOD IL 6 Authorization ready.

Modzy’s drift detection for ModelOps and MLOps helps keep your AI models working as expected.

Model drift & re-training

Drift detection

Specify your performance threshold limits to monitor and trigger automatic alerts when model performance deteriorates.


Using transfer learning, certain types of models can re-train on updated data for better performance, for extensive time and cost savings.

Modzy AI Explainability for ModelOps and MLOps

AI explainability

5x Faster than LIME or SHAP. Generate explanations of outputs at the same time the model runs, generating faster, more precise results. Results you can trust while saving time and compute costs.

Explainability for text and images

Modzy can explain AI results for text and image based models. Learn how our novel approach to explainability saves you compute costs, is 5X faster than open source approaches, and is available for all users.

Build Trust with Human in the Loop and Modzy AI Explainability

Build trust with human in the loop

You can choose to have users, data scientists and business analyst submit feedback on model predictions. Add new labels, offer corrections to past predictions, and enhance the explainable results.

Adversarial defense

Modzy adversarial defense ensures your models are robust against attacks, model probing, and poisoned data. Optional model watermarking validates provenance information for models running in production.