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Run and manage all your models with Modzy—generating more value from your AI projects

ModelOps platform that works on your models of any type—or use models from leading AI companies in the marketplace

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Deploy on your terms. The Modzy ModelOps platform runs wherever your enterprise or team needs AI power - on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edge.

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    ModelOps Platform for Enterprise

    Modzy power added to your tech stack. A central location for your data scientists, developers, and IT and business leaders to collaborate and manage all AI models.

    Deploy to your infrastructure via your private cloud or on-premise. Run and scale AI models in your protected network with autoscaling.

    Add AI power into your systems with easy integrations to meet your needs. Connect data pipelines, model training tools, and front-end systems. Control costs by setting usage limits and monitor performance.

    Zero-trust security architecture keeps your AI secure with SSO, API keys, role-based access, end-to-end encryption, and mutual TLS.

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    ModelOps Platform for Teams

    Your private instance of Modzy, provisioned from our managed cloud. Autoscaling and infrastructure optimization, with limits to ensure predictable pricing.

    Get started quickly - Get models working in minutes, not months. Deploy, run, and manage AI models at scale in the cloud.

     Easy integrations - Add AI power to your existing systems. Connect your data pipelines and model training tools to build your optimal AI pipeline.

     Performance monitoring - Keep models up to date by tracking model performance, version history, and detect drift. Model retraining and explainability for prediction results keeps you running smoothly.

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    ModelOps Platform at the Edge

    Run Modzy on multi-cloud, connected edge, mobile edge, or hybrid mix of cloud and on-premise with DoD Impact Level 6 ready.

     At the Edge - Run Modzy where data is collected. Increase processing speed or operate in limited bandwidth or hybrid environments.

      Go Multi-Cloud - AI power wherever you need it. Support for multi-cloud, connected edge, mobile edge, and hybrid mix of cloud and on-premise environments.

     Advanced Edge Security - Processing where data is stored to increase speed and reduce latency. Model hardening plus proactive adversarial defense.

ModelOps platform

Faster ROI on your AI projects

ModelOps platform that generates immediate results. 15X faster AI deployment and the ability to add AI power to any business application with fewer than five lines of code. Monitor performance against pre-defined KPIs to track ROI.

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A ModelOps platform that allows you to run models at scale


Complete ModelOps

Deploy, manage, monitor, and govern all your models at scale. Manage all your models in your model library.  

Deploy & Scale Anywhere

Manage your AI infrastructure and control costs—in the cloud, on-premise, our managed cloud, or at the edge.

Integrations & Dev Ecosystem

Easy integration with all data pipelines, model training tools and frameworks, CI/CD pipelines and front-end applications via our APIs and SDKs.

Advanced Security

Architected to comply with military-grade security requirements. Enterprise-grade authentication, authorization, and user management.

Adversarial Defense

Use our patent-pending adversarial defense solutions to proactively detect and prevent adversarial attacks on models, providing high performance and resilience against data poisoning or model stealing.


Leverage our patent-pending explainability approach to show how AI reaches decisions—easily insertable into model containers to produce results 5x faster than any other approach for deep neural networks.

Drift Detection & Retraining

Monitor data and model drift with automated alerts for retraining to keep your models in peak condition. Keep track of all model versions in your model library.

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Integrations for everyone

Model Training Tools & Frameworks

Integrate with your favorite tools to ensure easy model packaging and deployment into production at scale. 

Data Pipelines, Languages, CI/CD, and Monitoring Tools

Supports many languages and offers open source SDKs, REST endpoints, and libraries to enable integration into all your systems. 

Business Applications

Quickly add AI power into any application with fewer than five lines of code.

Deployment Options

Cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Modzy can be cloud native on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.