Smart Manufacturing

AI powered solutions for Industry 4.0

Unlock insights by building the bridge between operational systems with a central platform that powers solutions built for scale.

AI generated insights at the edge

API integration with SCADA systems, MQTT, IoT devices, and LoRaWAN sensors to run ML models on any ARM or x86 device.

Modzy is part of the Digital Manufacturing Institute

Modzy is an MxD Partner

Funded by the U.S. DoD, MxD equips U.S. manufacturers with the digital manufacturing tools and expertise they need to build each part better than the last.

Immediate ROI

Start seeing results from your AI projects in weeks - not months or years.

Faster model deployment


Average cloud cost savings


Speed-up in AI solution development

Build AI powered solutions faster

Faster Development

Central platform for data science and software development teams to build AI-powered solutions faster.

Easy Integration

Quickly add ML to your existing tech with pre-built connectors for popular data storage solutions, CI/CD pipelines, and enterprise software.

Flexible Deployment

Run your ML models anywhere you need AI insights - in the cloud, on-prem, hybrid, air gap, or at the edge.

Infrastructure Autoscaling

Optimize your infrastructure consumption to align with your usage while keeping costs low.


Automated monitoring for things like drift detection and explainability to identify when retraining is needed.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise-grade application security and model specific security including adversarial defense and model watermarking.

Partnered with Industry Leaders

Modzy is part of the Digital Manufacturing Institute


Overview of MLOps Architectures

Learn about the different types of MLOps solutions that can support ML at scale.

Overview of MLOps Architectures
Learn about the different MLOps architectures, exploring the tradeoffs and benefits of each.