AI for Any Tech Stack

Save money on ML compute costs

Keep your cloud costs lower by managing your ML infrastructure with Modzy.

Supercharge any tech stack with ML

Build apps and tools faster by replacing expensive ML tools or custom code with Modzy.

Architect your ML layer for stability and scale

Modzy for IT Architects

The ideal ML layer for builders

Building the perfect stack is our dream too.


Host your ML models in minutes

Quickly turn ML models into scalable services ready to integrate into any app- including LLMs!


Integrate with ease

Build faster with dozens of software integrations and APIs for everything.


Save on compute costs

Lower your cloud costs by managing ML infrastructure with Modzy.

Features for Architects

Flexible Deployments

Run ML workloads wherever your apps are running; from AWS, to Azure, to on-prem, to edge.


Integrate with dozens of top data, DevOps, and development tools like Snowflake, GitHub, and SageMaker.

APIs and SDKs

Give your developers the right tools for the job with APIs for everything and SDKs in their favorite languages.

Monitoring & Logging

Monitor models, inferences, and API health right from Modzy, or in your favorite logging tools.

ML Autoscaling

Serverless autoscaling of your ML models keeps performance high while costs stay low.

Military-Grade Security

Keep your CISO happy with Modzy's FISMA moderate compliance and 100s of security controls.

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See how else Modzy can help you build the most powerful AI-powered tools, apps, and products.

Learn more about an API-centric approach to building and maintaining AI-enabled applications 

AI and ML can extract valuable information from unstructured data sources, such as social media posts, customer reviews, and more.

Build AI Powered Solutions Faster

Deploy, connect, and run machine learning models in the enterprise and at the edge

Build AI Powered Solutions Faster