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Building a world where humans and machines working together outperform either working alone

Founded with a clear purpose and strategy 2019

Modzy was founded on a clear purpose: Build a world where humans and machines working together outperform either working alone.

Early access launched
at NVIDIA GTC 2019

Unveiling of developer ecosystem and stealth customer success stories improving enterprise AI with Modzy ModelOps platform.

Modzy available on AWS marketplace 2020

Availability on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, making it easy for customers to create enterprise enabled AI solutions that drive innovation and create value.

Hiring & rapid growth
2021 and beyond!

With 80% of decision-makers suggesting they will increase AI investment in the next 1-2 years, market for ModelOps solutions is accelerating.

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Powerful ModelOps platform for AI at scale. Gain ground fast, get more value from your AI projects.

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The new AI stack

Modzy provides the missing layer within your AI tech stack to deploy, govern, and secure AI at scale. The Modzy AI Platform makes it easy to manage how AI is being used within your enterprise.

Visit the Developer Center for technical details, full APIs, Libraries and SDKs, and guides to get started quickly.

Founding story

Modzy was founded with a clear purpose: Empower a world where humans and machines working together​---outperform either working alone.​

We believe accelerating the adoption of AI and machine learning for organizations, big and small, is Modzy fulfilling our purpose. But deploying AI in the real-world is complicated. The Modzy platform helps organizations jump the Machine Learning "Valley of Death", moving great AI models from development into production and creating value--at scale.

Our technical expertise with AI systems and real-world experience implementing large-scale production ML drove the concept for Modzy. Many patents, long hours, and happy users later, we’ve achieved what no one else could: the secure ModelOps platform to manage AI at scale.

Modzy team photo Fevb 2020

Modzy powers AI at scale that couldn't exist ten years ago, with a ModelOps platform and marketplace of ready-to-run models.

Meet the founders

Josh Sullivan
Founder & Leader
Josh Elliot
Founder & COO
Seth Clark
Founder & Product
Kirsten Lloyd
Founder & GTM

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