The Story of Modzy

Build a world where people and machines working together—outperform either working alone

Modzy team
Modzy team
Modzy team
Modzy team

How we started

Modzy came together around a simple frustration: why do so many AI projects fail?

Our founders built ML models and systems for some of the largest companies, non-profits, and governments on the planet, watching them struggle to get value from their AI/ML investments.

So we asked ourselves–why?

Why is deploying and scaling AI to the Edge so hard? Why aren't the latest advances in machine learning translating into business value?

In 2021, we built a team of experts from industry and academia, creating Modzy to solve this massive problem.

Why do 90% of ML projects never get deployed?

Modzy Awards & Recognition

Modzy is part of the MIT Startup ExchangeModzy is part of the Intel Ignite Accelerator programModzy is part of the NVIDIA inception programModzy is part of the Digital Manufacturing InstituteModzy recognized by GartnerModzy recognized by ForresterIDC logo
Modzy team
Modzy team and customers celebrating at NVIDIA GTC

Rapid growth


Venture capital backed and customer focused

Foundation for growth


Founded in 2021

Building with customers since the start


Developer community

Community makes it all happen. We love our Developer Community!


Customer growth

When our customers are successful, we're successful

We're hiring.

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Build AI Powered Solutions Faster

Deploy, connect, and run machine learning models in the enterprise and at the edge

Build AI Powered Solutions Faster