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When time is of the essence, AI can power real-time insights at the edge where data is collected. However, challenges persist with reducing large model architectures to run on smaller devices, ensuring security, bridging skills gaps, and enabling orchestration back to a centralized solution for monitoring and retraining as needed.

Watch this webinar focused on AI-powered processing at the edge and learn how you can get started running AI models on thousands of devices from a central location using Modzy Edge. We demonstrate how you can run a computer vision model on an NVIDIA Jetson Nano to process video in real-time, and share an example of an ML model analyzing data from atmospheric sensors.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn how to integrate AI-powered processing for your edge devices by:

  • Connecting remote edge devices to an instance of Modzy for central monitoring
  • Deploying models to both CPUs and GPUs
  • Processing live data streams at the edge