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    Despite radical advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) over the last decade, many struggle to achieve true enterprise-wide AI implementation because of one last hurdle: running AI models at the edge. When time is of the essence, AI can power real-time insights at the edge where data is stored. However, challenges persist among those in the field unable to reduce large model architectures to run on smaller devices, ensure security, bridge skills gaps and enable orchestration back to a centralized solution for monitoring and retraining as needed.

    Watch this webinar to hear special guest, Mike Gualtieri of Forrester Research, and Modzy founder and Head of Product, Seth Clark, discuss the next generation of AI, and best practices to manage edge orchestration. You’ll walk away with a better framework for building out your architecture in support of edge deployments, and empowered with a path forward for enterprise AI. Get ready to harness the power of running models at the edge.