AI for Manufacturing

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Streamline AI integration at scale

Any Model

Supports any kind of AI model-computer vision, NLP, signals processing and more.

Any Edge Asset

API integration with SCADA systems, IoT devices, and LoRaWAN sensors.

Any Hardware

Any ARM or x86-based CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, and MacOS, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Any Application

Native integrations with leading enterprise software or custom solutions.

Modzy is uniquely designed to streamline AI integration for manufacturers, enabling embedded ML at scale. Our customers rely on Modzy to power AI solutions across supply chain management, asset maintenance, quality assurance, and workplace safety.

Central solution for all your AI assets – avoid proprietary vendor lock

Easy integration with data sources, applications, and hardware

Retrofit and connect all machines, sensors, and systems with ML/AI capability

Struggle with inefficient and unscalable tools and approaches for AI deployment and integration

Proprietary “packaged applications” that lead to vendor lock, and are difficult to integrate with existing tech

Wide variety of machines, tools, and production systems with different and sometimes competing technologies

One platform. Endless possibilities.

Accelerate how your teams are building and managing AI-enabled solutions with a horizontal platform that is open, fast, scalable, and secure. Integrates with your existing tech stack, with flexibility to evolve in the future.

Modzy MLOps platform for production-ready AI

Predict supply chain risks

Use machine learning models to predict part delays related to geopolitical events that could impact production and improve inventory forecasting.

Modzy MLOps platform for production-ready AI

Monitor workplace safety

Implement computer vision to monitor protective equipment usage and provide real-time feedback on safety.

Modzy MLOps platform for production-ready AI

Enhance predictive maintenance

Use acoustics and sensor monitoring to proactively identify when assets require maintenance, reducing downtime and enabling higher yields.

Modzy MLOps platform for production-ready AI

Improve quality assurance

Automate quality monitoring with computer vision-powered solutions to identify defects.

Modzy Partner Ecosystem

See how we're partnered with industry-leading tech partners to accelerate intelligent manufacturing solutions for the future.

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