Modernization is a constant challenge for manufacturers grappling with disconnected machines, processes, and people. Factor in rising supply chain issues from the pandemic and it’s clear that new solutions must drive innovation and competitive advantage

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Supply Chain Optimization

  • Demand forecasting
  • Improved distribution strategy
  • Assembly line integration

Operational Efficiencies

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Order prioritization
  • Automated customer service

Quality Control

  • Smart devices
  • Production monitoring
  • Automated validation

Modzy powers AI transformation for manufacturing

Optimization opportunities are everywhere. To make resources go further, manufacturers rely on AI to increase production speed, predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, and ensure high quality in production. To ensure AI models maintain peak performance, manufacturers need a reliable, efficient approach to model management.

AI can augment designers' ability to recommend alternative solutions. By using AI to generate alternative design prototype, manufacturers can quickly test multiple options before bringing a product to market. To keep track of multiple models, they need an easy way to manage multiple versions across their full lifecycles.

The pandemic and events like the Suez Canal blockade revealed how fragile distribution channels are. AI is one tool that can help companies adapt and respond to event triggers in real-time. As AI becomes embedded in more parts of the supply chain, companies need an easy means to keep track of and update all models across different channels.

  • Modzy software is very intuitive and well designed, which has made it incredibly easy to work with and integrate with what I've worked on. It's a no-brainer decision for me.
    –Ben Adamsky
  • Their ease of integration is great. We also like the ability to run different models with a simple integration.
    –Dorian Earl
    Salesforce Developer
  • Highly satisfied with the scalability and ease of use of the machine learning APIs. The documentation was concise, easy to use, and understand. Installation in ArcGIS took less than a minute and the performance was very fast with results instantly displayed on the map window.
    –Abdul Syed
    Geospatial Developer
  • Modzy's SDK was very simple to work with and it made integrating their ML capabilities into my Web app very easy. Working with the platform is a pleasure!
    –Anthony Rodriguez
    Software and Data Engineer
  • Hugely satisfied with Modzy to manage my team's machine learning inferences and auditing
    –Richard L.
    Technical Director, Revenue Recognition
  • Scaled way up!  Seriously, we had so many jobs to process on expensive GPUs, and Modzy helped us optimize the workloads and even recognize which models could run on CPUs to save money.
    –Adam B.
    Lead ML Engineer

AI for manufacturing - Modzy value by stakeholder

Business Executives

Track the Return on AI investments.

By centralizing management of AI programs across your organization, you'll easily be able to measure and monitor the impact of AI on your bottom line.

Chief Information Officers

Faster time to results with AI.

By centralizing model management and establishing governance, you can establish control over costs and risks with AI, and better monitor progress.

Chief Data Scientists

Optimize the productivity of your data science teams.

By reducing the time to deploy models in production and automating model management, teams can spend more time on true data science work.

Chief Information Security Officers

Keep your AI power secure.

Military-grade application security, and cutting edge adversarial defense to keep models robust.

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