Whether the mission is national defense or citizen services, achieving operational efficiency amidst competing priorities and funding challenges is a national imperative. With government’s unique datasets, AI is emerging as a powerful solution to transform how government operates and protects our interests.

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AI power for government

AI is already transforming how analysts perform mission critical functions, as well as improve citizen experience. Modzy offers a secure, central location to manage all models in use across applications.

Intelligence Analysis

  • Object identification and tracking
  • Pattern recognition
  • Real-time video monitoring

Citizen Services

  • Self service citizen engagement
  • Supply and demand management
  • Fraud detection


  • FISMA Moderate
  • Complies with NIST standards
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High value use cases in government

AI will transform the battlefield of the future. The JAIC's Joint Common Foundation is central to achieving the goals set forth by the DOD's AI Strategy and enabling Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2). Given the criticality and mission impact, it is essential that teams have a secure, central, managed location for maintaining models.

Timely exploitation of intelligence is mission critical. But this is increasingly challenging with the volume collected across a myriad of sources including imagery, full-motion video, social media, documents, etc. To ensure the security and reliability of models in use for mission critical applications, agencies need a central location to store, monitor, and update models.

AI is already transforming how civil agencies engage with citizens, detect fraud, waste, and abuse, and gain efficiencies through automation. Not only will it allow agencies to improve the quality of service to citizens, but it will generate cost savings and risk reduction. To ensure the reliability of models in use for these applications, agencies need an easy way to run, use, and monitor all models.

  • Modzy software is very intuitive and well designed, which has made it incredibly easy to work with and integrate with what I've worked on. It's a no-brainer decision for me.
    –Ben Adamsky
  • Their ease of integration is great. We also like the ability to run different models with a simple integration.
    –Dorian Earl
    Salesforce Developer
  • Highly satisfied with the scalability and ease of use of the machine learning APIs. The documentation was concise, easy to use, and understand. Installation in ArcGIS took less than a minute and the performance was very fast with results instantly displayed on the map window.
    –Abdul Syed
    Geospatial Developer
  • Modzy's SDK was very simple to work with and it made integrating their ML capabilities into my Web app very easy. Working with the platform is a pleasure!
    –Anthony Rodriguez
    Software and Data Engineer
  • Hugely satisfied with Modzy to manage my team's machine learning inferences and auditing
    –Richard L.
    Technical Director, Revenue Recognition
  • Scaled way up!  Seriously, we had so many jobs to process on expensive GPUs, and Modzy helped us optimize the workloads and even recognize which models could run on CPUs to save money.
    –Adam B.
    Lead ML Engineer

AI for government - Modzy value by stakeholder

Mission Leaders

Track the Return on AI investments.

By centralizing management of AI programs across your organization, you'll easily be able to measure and monitor the impact of AI on your most important missions.

Chief Information Officers

Faster time to results with AI.

By centralizing model management and establishing governance, you can establish control over costs and risks with AI, and better monitor progress.

Chief Data Scientists

Optimize the productivity of your data science teams.

By reducing the time to deploy models in production and automating model management, teams can spend more time on true data science work.

Chief Information Security Officers

Keep your AI power secure.

Military-grade application security, and cutting edge adversarial defense to keep models robust.

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