Financial Services

Confidently accelerate AI solutions across the financial services industry

Financial services institutions are already seeing the power of AI in action.

Financial services institutions have a leg up on other industries in their ability to adopt AI due to access to troves of proprietary data for building and training powerful models.  And, industry reports show that financial services organizations are leading the way and are further ahead in adoption. Despite these facts, financial services organizations face many of the same challenges as other industries.

Forrester Research described a “success story” in which a US bank took a month to develop and document a fraud model, and then eight months to integrate that model into its systems.  Regardless of investment or AI maturity, no easy way existed to get these AI models working in production systems. That is, until ModelOps tools like Modzy came along. We provide financial services organizations the missing link for governance, audibility, transparency, and explainability with AI systems, across a number of different applications.


AI can be used to reduce cost, increase revenue, and improve risk profile across a number of functions.
  • Assess the risks aligned to loan underwriting to respond and react accordingly
  • Automate and augment areas with high-risk such as pre-trade analysis, due diligence and administration, and real-time pre- and post- trade risk management solutions


As regulations for financial services institutions have expanded in recent years, AI can ensure compliance.
  • Reduce the costs associated with adhering to new regulations by automating and speeding up the compliance process
  • Automating the collection and reporting of data from different systems needed to comply with regulations
  • Automate activities associated with know-your-customer requirements through NLP, and power identity verification


AI has the potential to detect anomalies in customer behavior, prevent fraudulent activity and provide better security for customers.
  • Review transactions in real-time to identify anomalies and stop fraudulent payments 
  • Reduce the number of false positives that require customer verification
  • Monitor possible money laundering activity in real-time


AI can improve how we offer credit or loans to potential applicants by making better data-driven decisions.
  • Improve loan or credit approval process to expand access to loans or credit while preventing potential discrimination
  • Transparency, audibility, and explainability to understand credit and lending decisions

AI powered by Modzy

Modzy is transforming risk management for Financial Services

Modzy’s centralized approach to AI model deployment, management, monitoring, governance, and security allows you to leverage AI at enterprise scale, with reduced risk.

Through the power of adversarial defense and explainability, your teams can better understand how models behave, improving generalizability and performance while better securing and protecting them them from attacks.