Trusted AI for executives and leaders

You are in control of how AI is used across your organization. Management and governance for deploying, running, and monitoring all aspects of AI usage. With simple integrations to your existing technology and systems and military-grade security. It’s the easiest, safest solution to accelerate the deployment of trustworthy AI and realize ROI, now.

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Here's Why Executives Turn to Modzy


Recognize ROI

Modzy allows your data science and development teams to build secure AI-powered applications that can scale to the enterprise, in reduced time with lower cost and reduced risk.


Embedded Governance

Enterprise AI doesn’t have to be the wild west anymore. Our embedded governance allows executives to view AI usage and performance across your organization in real-time.



Meeting the most stringent security controls, Modzy is built to comply with standards set by NIST, FISMA, FedRAMP, and is DOD Impact Level 6 ready. Extending beyond application security, our patent-pending adversarial defense solutions ensure that your AI models remain secure, while also preventing bad data from impacting how you make decisions.


Trusted Solutions

The founders of Modzy have been on the front lines of the fight for trusted, ethical AI even before it was being talked about. The “black box” concept that often accompanies machine learning and AI is contrary to the idea of building trusted AI. Our explainability solutions ensure transparency into AI-enabled recommendations.

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How will Modzy accelerate your journey to trusted AI?

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Energy & Utilities

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