Energy & Utilities

With Modzy, AI can be used to confidently accelerate solutions across the energy and utilities industry

The energy and utilities sector is facing profound change, and AI shows incredible promise to power further advances. How power is produced, transmitted, distributed, sold, regulated, and used will continue to be disruptive and dynamic. Think about how we as individuals and households demand and consume energy across devices and appliances and utilities, and how external factors can shift our consumption needs on a dime. Look beyond the Internet of Things (IoT) to consider the dynamic energy needs of businesses, governments, and other organizations on a global scale. Running an increasingly complex smart grid, fed by traditional energy sources and renewable ones, is new territory for most, but is ripe with opportunity for leveraging powerful insights hidden within your data.

What’s generating real buzz for the future? AI is powering big breakthroughs. 

Consider how Modzy can be used to generate renewable forecasts, automate demand management, and manage infrastructure

As the energy and utilities sector looks for ways to innovate, AI can power real-time analytics to reveal new insights from the explosion of available data. Not only can you look deeper at consumer usage patterns and grid behavior but these insights yield more accurate demand forecasting, more effective energy management, and more personalized customer service.

More is better, unless you’re after less—less fraud, loss, compliance, security risk, and manual labor. Modzy can help ensure energy and utility companies uncover opportunities for better data-driven decision-making, while also ensuring organizations streamline operations, control costs, and improve productivity.

Modzy was built to accelerate AI adoption, providing an easy, secure way to deploy, manage and govern AI across your enterprise. For users with existing energy models, Modzy provides the ideal platform to test and deploy those models at scale.

Modzy can help you realize the potential for AI to:

  • Optimize operating models
  • Analyze energy consumption to predict and manage demand
  • Improve how complex situations are managed
  • Automate tedious, manual processes
  • Increase back-office productivity
  • Diagnose issues across the supply chain
  • Drive greater data security and protect privacy
  • Overcome skills gaps for analytical expertise

AI-Powered Energy and Utilities

Consider all the ways Modzy can empower your business with AI. With access to the right data, you hold the key. We see exciting opportunities to innovate using AI to innovate in these areas:

Energy Transmission

Get a handle on all the factors that drive energy consumption with a deeper look at how historical patterns can inform future planning efforts.

  • Perform peak-demand analytics to better inform capacity analytics, using data around historical patterns, weather, events, and other factors that drive utility consumption
  • Optimize the smart grid, and leverage peak-demand analytics to better manage the capacity of the whole grid

Consumer Savings

Get a handle on all the factors that drive energy consumption with a deeper look at how historical patterns can inform future planning efforts.

  • Detect whether appliances are being used to offer consumers better insight into their energy use
  • Analyze data from smart building sensors to monitor usage in real time and identify anomalous behavior or performance discrepancies

Forecasting and Distribution

Use AI to generate accurate and ideal forecasting of traditional and renewable energy sources and consumption.

  • Determine how much energy to anticipate from various renewable sources
  • Monitor usage patterns to detect illegal tapping activity

Automated Demand Management

Anticipate what’s coming to be prepared for it. Test and automate capacity planning by using historical patterns.

  • Examine peak-demand analytics to determine which factors impact consumption
  • Assess continuous data streams from sensors and other sources to predict performance

Modzy is Transforming AI for Energy and Utilities

We see it over and over. Organizations with a home-grown fragile AI system or existing models developed through R&D efforts struggle to scale to the enterprise. 

Modzy squashes that struggle with a simple interface that lets you layer on embedded governance, adversarial defense, and even explainability to manage your AI at enterprise scale.

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