Modzy accelerate the build of powerful AI applications, allowing developers to use their favorite tools and languages

Here’s what developers love about Modzy

Open Architecture

  • Built upon the latest technologies and best practices for security, scalability, auditing, and flexible deployment
  • Designed to operate with external systems via standard interfaces, removing the constraints of particular implementations
  • Leverage the development or workflow tools of your choice, allowing you flexibility and power to work in a way that’s best for you


  • Use our HTTP API to easily integrate Modzy into any application
  • Clear documentation ensures that this process is as quick and painless as possible
  • Use our SDKs to integrate your existing tools with Modzy in as little as five lines of code- we offer open source SDKs for Python, Java and JavaScript

Scaling Tools

  • Customizable model auto-scaling to allow you to control how your infrastructure is used and reduce latency for high-frequency jobs
  • Leverages the full power and capability of Kubernetes to support horizontal scaling, as well as efficient resource utilization

Governance and Security

  • Embedded governance, role-based access controls for API keys, and automated logging and auditing within the platform ensures compliance considerations are automatically managed and tracked
  • Automated approach to governance ensures that you don’t have to worry about documenting your work

Powerful Developer Tools

Start building your AI applications and integrations. The developer center is loaded with Modzy API documentation, sample code, example Notebooks, and open source SDKs help developers  learn how to quickly use the  Modzy AI platform or integrate with existing applications.  

Resources for Developers

Leveraging our APIs and SDKs, Modzy allows developers with minimal machine learning engineering experience to build powerful AI-enabled applications with fewer than five lines of code. Optimized for both traditional and accelerated computing such as NVIDIA’s GPU technology, Modzy is an open architecture software solution for on-premise, cloud, or via custom deployments. With integrations for libraries, languages, containers and workflow tools you already use, Modzy extracts the complexities of running AI at scale, and allows developers to easily build AI-powered applications.