AI Enabled Cyber

Next generation Cyber defense with AI to learn and adapt to threat landscape

Use the Modzy platform to power AI-enabled cyber models that predict, identify, and prevent potential new threats

Monitor and automatically alert on new intrusion vectors using AI models that integrate with your SEM and SIM processes to process network threats, likely indicators of penetration, server logs, application logs, and other information sources.

Next Generation AI Cyber Defense

Integrate AI into your existing SEM, SIM tools, cyber alert systems, and data pipelines with Modzy Powerful integrations to systems such as Splunk, SignalFx, and Tableau. Patented Adversarial Defense tools are included to prevent AI-data poisoning and model stealing. 

Threat Detection

Machine learning can help make sense of the vast Cyber data overwhelming analysts and overcome the cybersecurity talent shortage. Modzy platform supports machine learning models for cyber defense such as regression to predict network parameter anomaly’s and classification to identify different classes of network attacks such as scanning and spoofing.

  • Extract and classify critical data to assess events and help reduce False Positives and find sophisticated APTs
  • Expedite processing and analytics in data telemetry from SEM/SIM tools

Threat Prediction Explainability

Threat analysts are overwhelmed with False Positives and inaccurate alerts. Advance your AI training and Re-training to reduce false positives using prediction Explainability. Offering the details into how an AI-enabled cyber prediction was reached, providing transparency and trust into the process.

  • Provide insight into how your AI models make predictions
  • Establish trust with users by embedding explainability throughout all Cyber AI deployments

Adversarial Defense - New Threat Vector

Adversaries can also hack your AI models for two main reasons: to create misinformation or degrade model performance.  Modzy platform includes patented Adversarial Defense tools to scan for Data Poisoning, Model Tampering, and prevent Model Stealing. 

AI powered by Modzy