Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

The power to predict what comes next enables better proactive and data-driven decision-making. With the power of Modzy, AI has great potential to transform operations across all aspects architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and the lifecycle of built infrastructure.

Modzy provides the perfect platform for AI-enabled decision-making and innovation

As extreme weather, growing populations, and natural and anthropogenic threats place increasing stress on our transportation, water, energy, and social infrastructure, we will need to do more to ensure their resilience and protect against cyber threats. With Modzy, organizations can leverage the power of AI across all steps involved in infrastructure management, from planning and design, to construction, sustainment and maintenance, and operations.  

Through the power of a centralized platform for deploying, managing, monitoring, and securing AI models in production, it’s easier than ever to add AI capability to any enterprise application. With flexible deployment making for easy integration, organizations can focus on optimizing the building process for efficiencies, monitoring and ensuring models are up-to-date to preempt any safety hazards, and focus on impacts to budget, schedule, and the bottom line. As the demands and stresses on U.S. infrastructure continue to grow, Modzy-powered AI enables us outpace them with faster, more efficient maintenance, modernization, improvement, security, and expansion.  

construction site maintenance

Improved Site Management

Looking for a clear picture of what’s happening? There’s never been a better time to automate video or time-lapse imagery analysis to gain the upper hand. Turn labor-intensive, manual processes into streamlined outputs for better decisions.

  • Identify job-safety site risks quickly and proactively
  • Gain actionable insights from video streams and images
  • Track building pace, materials, and equipment to manage scheduling
construction optimization

Optimized Scheduling and Planning

Give yourself options. The Modzy platform allows you to imagine different outcomes by simulating builds with different scenarios to identify THE optimal plan. You also have the power to see different ways to utilize resources and manage construction sequence.

  • Enhance scheduling by responding to real-time changes in labor and material resources available onsite. 
  • Determine most efficient construction sequence early in the process
  • Anticipate and adjust for schedule risks
  • Maximize resource allocation
construction safety monitoring

Enhanced Safety Monitoring

Safety is a vital human and cost factor. With AI, it’s easy to extract the relevant details from injury reports and other data to analyze safety hazards. That’s just the beginning of how AI can help improve safety and reduce liabilities.

  • Assess satellite and geospatial data for infrastructure monitoring and prioritized risk management  
  • Analyze and optimize distribution networks for vulnerabilities and identify options for a more resilient network 
  • Reduce risk and future incidents by analyzing historical incident/ injury reports 
  • Ensure sites and workers are compliant with safety standards 

AI powered by Modzy

With Modzy, AI is Transforming Construction

Pair Modzy with your human safety experts to continuously monitor for safety events in images and job site camera feeds.

Use Modzy to launch your Job Site digital twin, using data gathered from construction sites to train and recommend productivity improvements.