With Modzy, AI can be used to confidently accelerate solutions across the construction industry

Now more than ever, the power to predict what comes next enables better proactive and data-driven decision-making. AI has great potential to transform operations across all aspects of the construction industry. Such insight could revolutionize how you forecast, allocate resources, shore up jobsites, optimize schedules, control costs, and improve worksite safety.

Making the most of the opportunities ahead, especially with large-scale infrastructure and building challenges, means exploring all the possibilities. AI and machine learning give you the insight to “see” what could be, to observe patterns, and to discern critical details hiding in mounds of data.

Modzy provides the perfect platform for AI-enabled decision-making and innovation

With the right tools, your data—job reports, specs, schedules, estimates, video—can reveal correlations you’ve never seen before and help you operate with a new level of precision. You can dig deeper into what’s happening and what could be.

The sector is already using drones to perform site inspections, wearable sensors to protect workers, and self-operating equipment to fill labor gaps. Increasingly, AI techniques such as image recognition and simulations, are affording innovators and early-adopters cost, time, and resource savings by analyzing these previously untapped data sources. As you explore your options, Modzy offers an easy, secure way to apply AI now to common construction challenges.

It’s time for your enterprise to benefit from Modzy

Through the Modzy platform, you can apply AI to your construction and building challenges to maximize resources while improving the bottom line. Here are some of the potential opportunities:

  • Analyze scenarios to determine cost and schedule impact
  • Anticipate and adjust for schedule risks
  • Understand production rates for each trade, compared to assumptions
  • Integrate models for Building Information Modeling (BIM) to track progress and conduct real-time QA for construction errors
  • Track equipment and other resources to better manage schedule dependencies
  • Decrease time spent on site surveys performing manual inspections
  • Ensure compliance with safety standards
  • Autonomously create CAD site plans to fit surrounding topography

The options are endless to apply Modzy to solve critical problems:  

construction site maintenance

Improved Site Management

Looking for a clear picture of what’s happening? There’s never been a better time to automate video or time-lapse imagery analysis to gain the upper hand. Turn labor-intensive, manual processes into streamlined outputs for better decisions.

  • Identify job-safety site risks quickly and proactively
  • Gain actionable insights from video streams and images
  • Track building pace, materials, and equipment to manage scheduling
construction optimization

Optimized Scheduling and Planning

Give yourself options. The Modzy platform allows you to imagine different outcomes by simulating builds with different scenarios to identify THE optimal plan. You also have the power to see different ways to utilize resources and manage construction sequence.

  • Enhance scheduling with simulated build scenarios
  • Determine most efficient construction sequence early in the process
  • Anticipate and adjust for schedule risks
  • Maximize resource allocation
construction safety monitoring

Enhanced Safety Monitoring

Safety is a vital human and cost factor. With AI, it’s easy to extract the relevant details from injury reports and other data to analyze safety hazards. That’s just the beginning of how AI can help improve safety and reduce liabilities.

  • Flag risk factors from injury reports
  • Reduce risk and future incidents by analyzing historical incident/ injury reports
  • Ensure sites and workers are compliant with safety standards

With Modzy, AI is Transforming Construction

Pair Modzy with your human safety experts to continiously monitor for safety events in images and job site camera feeds.

Use Modzy to launch your Job Site digital twin, using data gathered from construction sites to train and recommend productivity improvements.

It’s time to build with more knowledge and insight than ever before. If you’re just getting started with AI, find out how easy it is to infuse AI into your existing processes, tools, and applications. If you’re already using AI within your organization, find out how you could be using a solid, secure enterprise platform to manage your AI stack.

With Modzy, early AI adoption is a low-risk, high-value opportunity to dig deeper into your data and build a solid foundation for a better future.

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