Industry Solutions

Modzy AI Platform creates value for customers in many sectors and government, accelerating MLOps and ModelOps at scale

Financial Services

Confidently accelerate AI solutions in Risk Management, Compliance, Fraud and Credit/Lending with military grade security and model explainability

Energy & Utilities

Solutions for better decision-making in Energy Transmission, Consumer Savings, Forecasting, and Automated Demand Management

Life Sciences

Ensure trusted solutions in AI powering critical applications and decisions in Pharmacovigilance, Diagnostics, and Supply Chain Optimization in complex enterprises


See Modzy solutions for Underwriting, Fraud Detection, and Damage Estimation which can proactively mitigate risk, drive down costs, and improve customer service


See how Modzy supports enterprise-grade cyber defense systems using AI to automatically learn and adapt to the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape


Flexible deployment creates easy integration for solutions in Site Management, Schedule Optimization, and Enhanced Safety Monitoring

Defense & National Security

Secure and accredited solutions for using AI on Overhead Imagery, Recognizing & Translating languages, Track Moving Vehicles in FMV, and dozens of other missions

Civil Government

Modzy enables AI to be used where it’s needed most: Serving Citizens, Fighting Fraud, Waste and Abuse, automating processes, and improving decision-making

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February 9, 2021
A combination of “deep learning” and “fake media,” a deepfake is manipulated video content that is nearly indistinguishable from authentic video. Deepfake creators often target celebrities, world leaders, and politicians, manipulating the video to portray …