Defend to keep data and results robust

With AI models being deployed into mission-critical environments every day, Modzy's adversarial threat prevention approach provides the unique ability to defend against attacks both on models and data, ensuring that information stays secure.

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It's the reason you can rely on a model from Modzy to
accurately identify a military vehicle
from satellite imagery, even when efforts to tamper with the output present the vehicle as civilian and benign.

It's why you can be sure that models on this platform are formally
verified as robust and proven resilient
against data poisoning and other security threats.

Impede model stealing

Modzy probes its models to learn the behaviors of its loss function and manipulate the input data based on estimated behavior to help prevent against model stealing

Reduce adversarial HotFlips

Employing the HotFlip, or flipping of words or characters, in adversarial training helps improve the accuracy on clean outputs while improving defense on attacks

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With explainability built into models, Modzy users
get the "how and why" behind model decisions,
giving you greater transparency into outputs, and results you can trust.

Take your mission to the next level with Modzy

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