Run AI models at the edge

ModelOps at the edge. Produce AI-enabled insights in real-time where data is stored, enabling better security and lower latency

Securing models at the edge

Making AI security a reality. By bringing AI power to where data is collected and stored not only means faster speed to decisions, but increased security in the process. Configure Modzy to run on your hardware, giving you ModelOps capability at the edge connected back to a central install.

Modzy and the HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge system bring AI to the edge

Modzy runs seamlessly on HPE Edgeline EL8000 Converged Edge system to use, manage, and govern AI models wherever you go. With fast, NVIDIA-powered accelerators, the solution puts data center computing power into an optimized package for secure AI deployment anywhere.

  1. Wrap & run models locally

    Run models where your data is collected and stored. Reduce latency and increase the speed to results.

  2. Speed & efficiency

    Enable insights in real-time to match the speed of data collection. Eliminate the time it takes to send data back and forth for processing by running models locally.

  3. Military-grade security

    Lower security risks by reducing opportunities for data to be intercepted or tampered with. Ensure model security with proactive adversarial defense.

Easy integration for ModelOps at the edge

Add AI power directly to the devices that need it and enable ModelOps at the edge. Connects to your existing data storage tools, CI/CD pipelines, model training tools and frameworks, and business applications. Open architecture to allow for future integrations and flexibility.

Save Development Time

Drastically reduce the time it takes to see value from AI by integrating Modzy into your tech stack.

Their ease of integration is great. We also like the ability to run different models with a simple integration.

–Dorian Earl
Salesforce Developer

Highly satisfied with the scalability and ease of use of the machine learning APIs. The documentation was concise, easy to use, and understand. Installation in ArcGIS took less than a minute and the performance was very fast with results instantly displayed on the map window.

–Abdul Syed
Geospatial Developer

Modzy’s SDK was very simple to work with and it made integrating their ML capabilities into my Web app very easy. Working with the platform is a pleasure!

–Anthony Rodriguez
Software and Data Engineer

Hugely satisfied with Modzy to manage my team’s machine learning inferences and auditing.

–Richard L.
Technical Director, Revenue Recognition

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