AI Model Marketplace

Access pre-trained and retrainable AI models from leading machine learning companies

Upload your models or choose from customizable models from leading machine learning companies in the Modzy marketplace

Quickly upload your own models from your favorite training tools directly into Modzy.

Run or customize models from the Modzy Marketplace on your own data.

AI Model Marketplace

Our AI Model Marketplace accelerates your value by evaluating securing, and disclosing all performance metrics for models submitted. 
Your data science teams can quickly get to work without worrying about tracking down model training and performance details. By subscribing to models in the marketplace, your teams get: 
  • Access to top performing AI models from leading AI companies
  • Model detail page for every model, including model architecture, training data, performance metrics, and validation data
  • Easy uploading, management, storage, and security for your own models
  • Retrainable models customizable for your data and problem set

Model Access

Developers can easily execute models with a few lines of code via our APIs and SDKs to quickly turn any business application into one that’s powered by AI

easily upload your own models to the marketplace to deploy, manage, govern, and scale

Your Models

Through our self-service model deployment feature, easily upload your own models to the marketplace 

  • Unlimited upload and management of your own models, with access to all platform features for managing and scaling models 
  • Models stored privately within your own platform instance 
  • Set and control smart infrastructure scaling 
Access cutting edge pre-trained and retrainable machine learning models

World Class Models

  • Access pre-trained and retrainable models from the leading tech companies
  • Secure models against attacks or poisoned data with robust solutions powered by adversarial defense
  • Fastest explainability solution for deep neural networks 
  • Model biography pages for every model with performance metrics, training data provenance, and suggested use cases 

Open Source Models

Free access to the best cutting-edge open source models within the safety and security of the Modzy platform.


Access the most powerful marketplace of ready to run AI  and machine learning models from leading tech companies around the world.


Adversarial Defense

Patent-pending Adversarial Defense to detect poisoned data and prevent model stealing


Patent-pending Explainability for pixel-based neural networks


Retrainable models to customize for your data and problem set

There is no black box. Transparency of model performance should be table stakes–and at Modzy it’s required.

Transparent performance metrics create trust in a model. Modzy & our partners uphold the same commitment to transparency. Better trust means better adoption.