Deployment & Integrations

Deploy Modzy anywhere – seamlessly integrating with your favorite tools and front-end applications

Cloud, on-premise, or at the edge – Modzy can be deployed and integrated anywhere

Modzy means AI deployment for any infrastructure and integration with your existing AI tools and applications. Modzy fully supports both cloud and on-premise deployments, and every facet of Modzy’s architecture is optimized for different deployment scenarios

cloud deployment


Whether you have a public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid version, it only requires a few clicks to deploy Modzy, making it easy for you to get up and running. This also allows you to easily control the cloud infrastructure consumed during AI inference from your own cloud accounts.

on premise deployment


Security is of the utmost concern for many which is why Modzy can deploy on-premise to devices connected to your own firewall protected network and allow you to take advantage of existing hardware investment.

  • Kubernetes
  • VMWare
edge deployment

Edge Devices

Modzy can be deployed to edge devices, increasing the speed of data processing and storage even with limited bandwidth or computing power, resulting in greater cost savings for you.

  • Coral 


Infrastructure Optimization & Monitoring

Modzy supports customizable model auto-scaling to allow you to control how your infrastructure is used while reducing latency for high-frequency jobs. This allows you to scale up to maximum processing speed, while fully utilizing your infrastructure in any deployment scenario.

Powerful Integrations

We make it easy to operationalize and scale AI into your existing applications within a matter of minutes. Don’t worry about changing your preferred way of training AI models. We’ve built integrations into your favorite tools to ensure you can quickly and easily package up and deploy your models into production scale, removing the barrier it takes to build AI powered applications.

ML Frameworks

Easy integrations with the training frameworks and tools you already use, including GPU accelerated solutions.

MLFlow is a trademark of LF Projects, LLC.

Tools & Pipelines

With so many free, Open-Source industry standard ML tools, accelerating your MLOps with Modzy integrations is easy. 

Many Languages

Open Standard SDKs, REST endpoints, and libraries for many developer languages enables integration into your custom apps.

Model Training Tools and ML Frameworks

Modzy doesn’t limit you to specific toolsets. We designed the platform to deliver seamless integrations with your model development, training or workflow tool of choice from the frameworks and workbenches you use today.

  • AI/ML training frameworks
  • Developer workbenches
  • Libraries, languages
  • Simple container design to package and deploy models written in any language or framework
  • Containers and workflow tools
  • Cloud or on-premise infrastructure
  • Hardware chip accelerations
  • Capabilities including elastic scalability, CI/CD, Git workflows and API pipelining
  • Integrates with ML frameworks of your choice: Jupyter notebooks,, MLFlow, Kubeflow, NVIDIA CUDA, Amazon Sagemaker

Front-End Applications

You’ve already invested heavily in your tools so why not supercharge them with AI! Integrating Modzy with your existing tools is as simple as making an HTTP POST call. By using our HTTP API, Modzy can be integrated into just about anything from user interface applications to ETL pipelines to embedded microcontrollers and IoT devices. Every aspect of Modzy is accessible through our HTTP API and is meticulously documented to make your integration journey a quick and pleasant experience.

To make things even easier, Modzy makes available a number of SDKs in the most popular languages to make integration even more straightforward. Using our SDKs, you can integrate your existing tools with Modzy in as little as five lines of code. We offer open source SDKs for Python, Java, and JavaScript, and are constantly adding more. If you’re using Microsoft Office, we have pre-built macros that can be used as well.

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