AI Platform

Enterprise AI Platform

  • Easily package and deploy AI models into production through the Modzy platform
  • The Modzy AI Platform is built to comply with a wide range of security standards, including NIST, FISMA and FedRAMP
  • Upload your own models to the marketplace for ease of deployment, scale and management via the platform


  • Integrate AI models into your applications with only a few lines of code via our massive collection of APIs
  • Use our APIs to automate tasks within the Modzy application
  • Write AI applications in your favorite languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, or C# with our SDKs
  • Learn how to get the most of out Modzy through our easy-to-use instructional guides and documentation

Embedded Governance

  • Track AI usage 24/7 through our Model Operations Dashboard and detailed audit logs
  • Keep your AI on lock with roll-based access controls (RBACs), API key management tools, and custom authentication options
  • Never fall victim to consumption-based pricing again with real-time insight into model operations, performance, infrastructure usage, and costs
  • Ensure only the best AI models are approved for enterprise use with custom approval workflows
  • Accessibility is must for today‚Äôs diverse workforce, and Modzy is compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level AA Success Criteria


  • Security comes first! Our application is secured and defended by a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity consulting
  • The Modzy AI Platform is built to comply with a wide range of security standards, including NIST and FedRAMP
  • On-prem and custom deployments allow Modzy to run in even the most secure environments
  • Patented technologies can defend your AI models from adversarial attacks


  • Our team of solution architects and deployment engineers is ready to help you hit the ground running
  • Self-service tools and detailed documentation make finding answers to your questions a breeze
  • Our email help desk and call center are also available for your toughest challenges

AI Platform Enhancements

Adversarial Defense

Patent-pending Adversarial Defense to detect poisoned data and prevent model stealing


Patent-pending Explainability for pixel-based neural networks


Retrainable models to customize for your data and problem set

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