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Turn machine learning models into portable container images that can run anywhere.

Sign up for the free service

We’re so excited to share that you can now sign up to use a free, hosted, instance of the service, sponsored by Modzy and Google Cloud. Chassis can be used to automatically containerize ML and AI models for production deployment. is an open-source solution that converts models from multiple training tools and frameworks into Open Model Interface (OMI) compatible containers to run anywhere. By implementing OMI and, data scientists and developers gain a standard container specification allowing interoperability, portability, and security for models to seamlessly be integrated into production applications. Sign up to begin using the free Chassis service today.

The challenge

With the diversity in model training tools and frameworks, as well as fast evolving nature of the technology, there was previously no standard way to containerize models built from different tools, nor was there a way to make containers compatible with different runtime engines. This led to significant fragmentation, longer deployment times, and reduced model portability, and is a contributing factor to the estimated 50-90 percent of AI models that never move into production applications.

Chassis allows you to turn models into containerized applications without having to learn dozens of new technologies. Chassis converts models from all training tools and frameworks to OMI compliant containers to run in a number of different types of AI runtime platforms. Chassis can be integrated into existing MLOps pipelines, making it possible for models to be automatically containerized, scanned, and deployed to a secure container registry.

To start using, sign up today. For more information, tune into our tech talk on Thursday April 28 at 12:30PM EST in the Modzy Discord Server.