Modzy closes investment round to scale MLOps platform

The team plans to use the funding to build upon its existing customer base, expand its tech partners, and grow its dev community.

Modzy closes investment round to scale MLOps platform

Washington, DC — December 9, 2021 — Modzy, Inc., announced it has closed a late-stage seed investment round to expand access to the Modzy MLOps platform, which accelerates the deployment, integration, and governance of production-ready AI.

Supported by a growing community of data scientists, developers, infrastructure managers, and IT leaders interested in a new approach for delivering production-ready AI, Modzy provides ModelOps and MLOps capabilities to help organizations unlock value from AI at scale. Over the past two months alone, Modzy has seen demand for its platform increase 100-fold, delivering production AI model inferences to engineers and data scientists.

“Modzy solves the hardest problem with using AI at scale, which is that businesses struggle to deploy and integrate AI into production. Too many models—more than 50%—are developed but never used,” said Josh Sullivan, Modzy CEO & Co-founder. “Modzy will continue to scale rapidly, building on our existing customer base across commercial markets through expansion of our partner ecosystem and developer community to accelerate AI value creation.”

Just a few examples of the Modzy customer use cases from the last three months include:

  • AI-enabled Smart Call Center to analyze post-call data and recommend improvements to improve customer experience and grow business revenue
  • YouTube video analysis to scan and detect copywritten material in uploaded videos, ensuring compliance and preventing license revenue loss
  • DeepFake Detection browser plugin to alert users of manipulated video and embedded adversarial data poisoning
  • Increased critical intelligence analysis processing by 800% for U.S. Federal agency through the deployment of AI models for optical character recognition (OCR) and machine translation, as well as audio transcription and translation

Modzy was founded in 2019 by Josh Sullivan, Ph.D., Josh Elliot, Seth Clark, and Kirsten Lloyd. Modzy can be used as the basis for developers to build new features or applications. The team plans to use the funding to build upon its existing customer base across commercial and federal markets, expand its technology partner ecosystem, and grow its burgeoning developer community.

Modzy empowers businesses with a central, transparent solution for managing AI, with tools for data scientists to quickly deploy and monitor models in production, APIs and SDKs for developers to easily integrate AI into any application, and governance features for leaders to monitor AI performance, usage, and costs related to AI. With cutting edge features such as explainability, drift detection, and military-grade security, Modzy helps organizations unlock real value from AI.