CI/CD for MLOps

In the context of MLOps, CI/CD can be used to automate training, testing, deploying, and monitoring machine learning models.

CI/CD for MLOps

MLOps, or machine learning operations, is a practice that aims to bring the principles of DevOps to the realm of machine learning. It involves the integration of machine learning models into an organization's workflow and infrastructure, and aims to streamline the development, deployment, and management of these models.

One key aspect of MLOps is continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). CI/CD refers to a software development practice in which code changes are automatically built, tested, and deployed to production. This helps to ensure that code is always in a deployable state and reduces the time it takes for new features to reach end users.

How ML teams use CI/CD

In the context of MLOps, CI/CD can be used to automate the process of training, testing, and deploying machine learning models. For example, an organization may have a pipeline set up that automatically trains and tests a model whenever new data becomes available. This pipeline can then automatically deploy the updated model to production, ensuring that the model is always up to date and maximizing its performance.

Another way that CI/CD can be used in MLOps is to automate the process of model evaluation and monitoring. This can involve setting up automated alerts to notify the ML team when a model's performance starts to degrade, or automatically triggering a re-training process when certain conditions are met.

Overall, the integration of CI/CD into MLOps helps to ensure that machine learning models are always up to date, reliable, and performant. It also helps to streamline the development and deployment process, allowing organizations to quickly and efficiently bring new machine learning capabilities to market.

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