Build AI Pipelines Faster with Modzy V1.8

Modzy V1.8 includes customizable webhooks, more options for managing fleets of edge devices, and performance and scalability updates.

Build AI Pipelines Faster with Modzy V1.8

We’re thrilled to announce several new features to support the faster build of AI pipelines with the release of Modzy V1.8. This release brings a range of new features from webhook support to more options for managing of fleets of edge devices, all in service of making it easier to build AI solutions at scale.  

Customers can now quickly and easily build AI pipelines with customizable webhooks that will automatically message downstream applications when inference jobs are completed. Additionally, new support for device-based licensing makes it simpler and more cost effective for customers to manage models running on fleets of devices, with added edge security benefits through the ability to remotely delete models running on edge devices. Finally, we’ve introduced other performance and scalability improvements that yield faster and more efficient operations.  

Modzy V1.8 provides our customers with expanded feature support to accelerate timelines for development teams building cutting edge AI-powered solutions.

Support for Webhooks

This release includes the ability to create customizable webhooks in Modzy! Modzy’s new webhook feature makes it super fast to build AI pipelines, especially combined with powerful automation tools like UiPath or Zapier. These webhooks can be used to automatically message downstream applications once inference jobs are completed.

Creating a webhook to Zapier in Modzy.

Features for Advanced Edge Device Management

We’ve also introduced support for device-based licensing, making it easy and cost effective for customers to manage fleets of edge devices.With this approach, customers retain the flexibility to purchase as many licenses needed for their applications, with the ability to register as many devices with Modzy as needed. Models can be operated on registered devices, regardless of whether they’re online or offline, and can be shared across groups, locations, and teams; licenses can also be moved from one device to another. 

Additionally, with the release of Modzy V1.8, customers now gain enhanced security benefits with the ability to remotely shutdown and delete model containers from edge devices connected to Modzy. V1.8 also introduces a data retention policy to avoid edge devices overrunning local storage saving past inference results. In summary, these features give customers the ability to remotely manage fleets of devices running anywhere in the world, all from a central control plane.

Managing fleets of edge devices in Modzy.

Full details related to V1.8 can be found in the release notes here.