Announcing the Modzy AI Hackathon 2021 Winners

334 Modzy Community members from 17 countries worked to create 62 amazing AI-powered applications, extensions, and developer tools.

Announcing the Modzy AI Hackathon 2021 Winners

Back in September, we announced the Modzy AI Hackathon in partnership with DevPost, inviting developers all over the world to build AI-enabled solutions powered by Modzy. Over the last two months, 334 Modzy Community members from 17 countries worked diligently to create 62 amazing AI-powered applications, extensions, and developer tools. The projects incorporated computer vision, natural language processing, deepfake detection, and other AI models to solve social good challenges, empower developers with new tools, improve customer service experience for consumers, and more.

“I was so impressed by the creativity of our Modzy Community members – they really showcased the power of combining AI, machine learning, and just a few APIs”
-Josh Sullivan, Modzy CEO & Co-founder, Hackathon Judge

Without further ado, we’re so excited to announce the winners!

Grand Prize: SimpliSmart

Amritansju Jain and Devansh Ghatak teamed up to build Simplismart, a universal platform that lets users combine machine learning models into complex data pipelines within minutes, without code. SimpliSmart allows users to build and execute machine learning pipelines for use cases such as ensemble modeling, model A/B testing, chaining machine learning models, and more. Written by machine learning engineers, this powerful solution allows non-engineers to easily create model pipelines in a matter of minutes – a process that can take experts several days.

Second place: Zapier integration for Modzy

Kaustubh Mande’s inspiration for a Zapier integration came from thinking about the increased trend towards low-code / no-code products and services, and the fact that Zapier, a workflow automation tool, was lacking in a ModelOps capability. But this isn’t just one integration – by integrating Modzy with Zapier, Modzy is now integrated with the 3000+ applications already integrated with Zapier. This unlocks many different workflow automations for users, with minimal coding required.

“I was very excited to see and explore the Modzy hackathon projects. The creativity, passion and viable solutions presented in these projects bring next level innovation to the AI and ML space. The hackers were able to easily create solid MVPs that clearly demonstrated their ideas and it was obvious that the Modzy team and platform enabled them to bring those ideas to reality.”-Angel Rivera, CircleCI Senior Developer Advocate, Hackathon Judge

Third Place: Deepfake Detection

Mario M’s solution comes at a time when it’s easier than ever to manipulate videos and spread misinformation online. The DeepFakeDetection solution allows users to install a Chrome browser extension to detect deepfakes in YouTube videos, allowing users to detect deepfakes otherwise indiscernible to the naked eye. Powered by a deepfake detection model from the Modzy marketplace, this extension fills a gap in Chrome’s Web Store

Fourth place: Modzy Smart Call Center Solution (MSCCS)

Jensen Lim observed that most call centers still rely on manual methods to organize and process post-call records, with gaps remaining for calls requiring multilingual support. MSCCS is smart call center software that helps organizations automate the analysis of post-call data to improve customer experience and to inform more data-driven decision-making.

“Wow! Fast. Easy. Intuitive GUI. I want this! Could be incredibly valuable. Excellent. Launch this one now!”-Kirk Borne, DataPrime Chief Science Officer, Hackathon Judge

Fifth Place: ModzyFlow

Built by Srishti Bhargav and Jude Naveeen Raj Ilango, ModzyFlow is a platform that allows anyone to build Machine Learning Model Pipelines with ease and deploy them with the click of a button. Using ModzyFlow, users can drag-and-drop various ML models available through Modzy, pipe them to one another, and view the output obtained at any point in the flow. Users can add any number of models to the flow, and Modzy’s scalable backend ensures the flow will still run smoothly.

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