AI Events September 2023

Learn more about the Edge AI + Hardware Summit, LLMs & GenAI, and Intel Innovation, all happening September 2023.

AI Events September 2023

This month, Modzy, your trusted source for cutting-edge AI solutions, is proud to host a busy calendar of tech events that promise to inspire, educate, and connect tech enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

We'll delve into the lineup of events that Modzy is sponsoring, featuring discussions, workshops, and presentations on cutting-edge AI, machine learning, LLMs and Generative AI, and much more. These events not only showcase the latest advancements but also provide invaluable networking opportunities for professionals and learners alike.

So, get ready to mark your calendars, set your reminders, and join us as we explore the future of technology together. Let's kick-start this month's tech journey with Modzy's sponsored events, where innovation, knowledge, and collaboration converge.

Edge AI + Hardware Summit: September 12-14, Santa Clara, CA, USA

We’re excited to announce that we’re Event Partners at this year’s AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit! The combined AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit covers the design and deployment of ML hardware and software infrastructure across the cloud-edge continuum. You can also attend the Efficient Generative AI Summit, which is co-located with the AI Hardware & Edge AI Summit. Attend both shows to get a complete overview of software, systems, and hardware for fast and efficient AI training, deployment, and inference.

We’ll also be hosting a roundtable discussion on MLOps for Edge AI on Thursday September 14 at 12PM PDT. For more information about the event, visit the website here. For a 10% discount off your registration, use the code MODZYEVENT10 during checkout.

LLMs and the Generative AI Revolution: September 14, Virtual, 11AM-2PM EDT

Join us for an exhilarating exploration into the groundbreaking realm of LLMs, automated code recovery, image synthesis, personalized tutoring, and more, presented by the AI Infrastructure Alliance. Embark on a journey to uncover the potential of cutting-edge tools and techniques, including vector databases, Langchain, OpenAI, and open-source models like Falcon. Elevate your understanding and harness the capabilities of these revolutionary advancements, placing next-generation AI at your fingertips.

Modzy Talk: Robust and Resilient Edge + Cloud Inference for LLMs: Empowering Intelligent Edge Applications

In a world where LLMs are the talk of the town, what do these advancements mean for teams seeking real-time insights in data-rich edge environments? Dive into the realm of intelligent edge applications as Brad Munday, Modzy's Head of ML Engineering, delves into the strategies behind Robust and Resilient Edge+Cloud Inference for LLMs. While deploying ML models at the edge offers speed, security, and cost benefits, challenges arise due to device limitations and network constraints. This session focuses on a dynamic cloud-edge deployment approach, offloading resource-intensive LLM tasks to the cloud while enabling streamlined computations on edge devices.

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Intel Innovation: September 19-20, San Jose, CA, USA

We are a part of Intel Innovation 2023- a two-day conference for developers designed to bring the technology industry together to dive into the silicon and software solutions that help move businesses forward.  

Some of the important themes to be covered at the event include:

  • Accelerating the AI Era
  • Hype vs. Reality: Bringing Modern Applications to Market Faster
  • Building and Scaling Next Generation Systems and Platforms
  • Transformative Innovation for the Future of Computing

Join us to learn from the brightest minds in the industry on how to use breakthroughs in hardware, software, services, and advanced technologies to speed development, drive innovation, and hone a competitive edge.

Learn more and register today.