2023 Tech Talks

Check out our upcoming tech talks and details on how to join our Discord server.

2023 Tech Talks

We're excited to announce an exciting line up of tech talks for 2023! Keep this page bookmarked for all our upcoming tech talks, which run live in our Discord server. If you can't make a live tech talk, you can always catch the recording in the archives channel.

Feb 16, 12:30PM EST: Making ML Models Run Faster in Production

Speed and efficiency are the name of the game when it comes to production ML, but it can be difficult to optimize model performance for different environments. In this talk, we will dive into techniques you can use to make your ML models run faster on any type of infrastructure. We'll cover batch processing and streaming, unique considerations with running models on edge devices, and practical tips for selecting the right hardware and software configurations that make ML workloads successful. We will also explore the use of model compilation and other optimization techniques to improve performance and discuss the trade-offs involved in different design choices.

2023 Tech Talks Archive

ML Model Production Deployment Checklist

Production deployment is the first step to getting trained machine learning models out of the lab and running at scale to deliver ML-generated predictions and insights to improve outcomes. This tech talk will provide you with a short checklist to review for every deployment to ensure that your models run and scale appropriately every time.

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