MLOps Platform for Edge

Run AI at the edge. Deploy, run, monitor and secure models on any x86 or ARM device— anywhere in the world, all from a single platform. That's the power of the Modzy MLOps Platform for Edge.

Modzy MLOps platform deploys ML models at the mobile and connected edge

Run AI models on devices anywhere in the world, all from a central platform.

That's the power of an MLOps Platform for Edge. Deploy models to Modzy, connect your edge devices, and deliver models for edge processing anywhere in the world.

Fast: Deploying models takes seconds with near zero latency

Secure: 354 certified security controls and end-to-end encryption

Universal: OMI-compliant platform with more than 50+ integrations

Modzy easy to use API for ModelOps and MLOps

Process video, audio, and sensor data

The Modzy MLOps Platform for Edge enables real-time processing where data is collected, meaning faster results that remain secure. Use it for computer vision powered analysis of video feeds, transcription on audio streams, or predictive maintenance on sensor data.

Run models on any edge device

The Modzy MLOps Platform for Edge offers native support for ML inference on both ARM and x86-based CPUs, NVIDIA GPUs, and can run on MacOS, Linux, and Unix operating systems.

Operate in low power environments

The highly-efficient Modzy Edge binary leaves the maximum processing power available to your models.

Access any model on your edge devices through a common API

Modzy MLOps Platform for Edge offers the same REST and gRPC APIs as Modzy’s cloud and enterprise offerings, providing a simple, standard way to process data and integrate pipelines on any edge device.

Distributed processing with Modzy MLOps at the Edge

5G Multi-access edge compute (MEC)

5G MEC architecture provides an ideal platform for high-speed, low latency AI applications. Modzy Edge allows multiple ML models to be remotely deployed to the same MEC hardware, ensuring that AI processing happens as close to 5G devices as possible, meaning faster results at a lower price.

Manufacturing automation

Production facilities can use AI to accelerate IQ OQ PQ processes by running ML models right on the factory floor. Modzy can deploy computer vision models to identify production quality issues in real-time, or deploy predictive maintenance models to critical production equipment, ensuring real-time results and response.

Tactical AI delivery (JADC2)

Warfighters, operators, and analysts need rapid access to insights when executing a mission in the field, especially in denied environments. Modzy Edge enables the secure delivery and operation of ML models to tactical servers, drones, and other operational equipment.

Fleet management

Fleets of vehicles and industrial equipment require constant monitoring and maintenance to remain operational. Modzy Edge can deliver ML models across a fleet of vehicles to help predict maintenance issues before they impede fleet performance.

Modzy featured in Gartner, Forrester reports

See why Gartner® named Modzy a Representative Provider for ModelOps, MLOps and Explainable AI, and was featured in the Gartner Market Guide for AI Trust, Risk, and Security Management.

Modzy featured in Gartner Reports


Gartner® named Modzy a Representative Provider for ModelOps, MLOps and Explainable AI.

Modzy MLOps platform featured in Forrester Reports


Forrester® Research reveals how MLOps platforms like Modzy provide machine learning operations at scale to help unlock value from AI investments.

Modzy and the HPE Edgeline EL8000 bring AI to the edge

Modzy runs seamlessly on HPE Edgeline EL8000 converged edge system to use, manage, and govern AI models wherever you go. With fast, NVIDIA-powered accelerators, the solution puts data center computing power into an optimized package for secure AI deployment anywhere.

Modzy software is very intuitive and well designed, which has made it incredibly easy to work with and integrate with what I’ve worked on. It’s a no-brainer decision for me.

–Ben Adamsky

Their ease of integration is great. We also like the ability to run different models with a simple integration.

–Dorian Earl
Salesforce Developer

Highly satisfied with the scalability and ease of use of the machine learning APIs. The documentation was concise, easy to use, and understand. Installation in ArcGIS took less than a minute and the performance was very fast with results instantly displayed on the map window.

–Abdul Syed
Geospatial Developer

Modzy’s SDK was very simple to work with and it made integrating their ML capabilities into my Web app very easy. Working with the platform is a pleasure!

–Anthony Rodriguez
Software and Data Engineer