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Space Object Propulsion Classifier - powered by Modzy MLOps platform for Enterprise and Edge AI

Space Object Propulsion Classifier

Model by Booz Allen

This model determines whether or not an object in space has propulsion. The model uses a Two Line Element (TLE) set as input. As output, it provides a classification of whether or not an object in space has propulsion. This model can be used to determine whether an object in space is debris or a potential adversarial satellite; or used as an input to assess whether a satellite may potentially collide with one or more other objects in space, or determine whether a satellite can be moved to observe specific regions of the Earth.

Given a TLE set, we extract the Keplerian Elements, inclination, right ascension of the ascending node, eccentricity, argument of perigee, mean anomaly, and mean motion, which are used as inputs to the model. This model uses a Random Forest Classifier to split the data into objects with and without propulsion. The model was trained with labels for each instance for propulsion and non-propulsion objects.

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