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Satellite Maneuver Detection - powered by Modzy MLOps platform for Enterprise and Edge AI

Satellite Maneuver Detection

Model by Booz Allen

This model detects if a satellite performed a maneuver since it was last observed. As inputs, it uses a series of Two Line Elements (TLEs), also referred to as Keplerian Elements. As output, it provides a determination of whether the satellite recently made a maneuver. This model can be used for space domain awareness (SDA). Detecting if a satellite performed a maneuver provides the ability to update satellite trajectory predictions and reveals potential collisions with other space objects, allowing operators to take measures to avoid them. This model calculates orbital energy and the semi major axis from the Keplerian Elements in a Two Line Element (TLE). Based on changes in Orbital Elements combined with our calculated values, the model uses an Extra Trees Classifier to determine if a maneuver recently took place by splitting the inputs into normal and anomalous data. The model was trained on TLEs with given times that a satellite made a maneuver.

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