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Face Recognition - powered by Modzy MLOps platform for Enterprise and Edge AI

Face Recognition

Model by Paravision

This model detects all faces in a given image and creates an embedding—a biometric representation—for each detected face. Embeddings can be added to a database (i.e. enrollment) or matched against a database of registered embeddings to perform verification or identification functions. The key functions provided include:

Face detection: Detecting the presence and location of all faces in a submitted image. At this stage, key locations on the face (“Landmarks”) will be noted, and a quality score will be calculated to determine if the image of a face under consideration is sufficiently high quality to ensure a high level of face recognition matching accuracy.
Embedding generation: Computation of a set of unique mathematical vectors (“Embeddings”) for every face.
Face enrollment: Adding an embedding to a database when a face is presented for registration.
Face matching: Comparing the embedding for a given face against an enrollment database.

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