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General Object Detection in Overhead Imagery - powered by Modzy MLOps platform for Enterprise and Edge AI

Building Damage Classification

Model by Open Source

This was trained to locate buildings in satellite imagery and determine their damage level, to help identify areas of impact after a natural disaster. Disasters occur unpredictably, and the extent of the damage they inflict can be difficult, time consuming, and dangerous to assess from the ground. However, if satellite images are available, the footage can be analyzed to not only assess the areas of impact, but also determine areas that need critical aid. This model was designed with this in mind – to assist with humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. It was trained to first locate buildings, and then assess whether they are undamaged, slightly damaged, majorly damaged, or destroyed. Given this information, assistance and resources can be safely planned and efficiently allocated to those in need. This model is Open Source but was developed by the Modzy data science team.

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