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Skin Cancer Screening - powered by Modzy MLOps platform for Enterprise and Edge AI

Skin Cancer Screening

Model by Darwin AI

Skin Cancer Screening Network (SkinCancerScreenNet) is a deep convolutional neural network that accepts skin lesion dermoscopy images of type jpg as the input, and predicts the likelihood of the lesion being benign or malignant as the output. This particular model can be used on skin dermoscopy images, and can be used on a single image, or sets of images.

DarwinAI does not endorse any specific procedures, products, tests or treatments that may or may not be related to the use of the Model.

If you or someone you know is having a medical emergency, please immediately contact the authorities, a doctor, or a hospital.

The information provided here is not considered Protected Health Information as defined by HIPAA and HIPAA does not apply to the results or any collection of information.

The indicated performance of the Model is based on various tests run by DarwinAI and performance is not guaranteed.

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