Accelerated MLOps

Modzy abstracts the complexities of running AI models at scale, managing the hardest part of MLOps so that you don’t have to

Deploying your AI models into production at enterprise scale shouldn’t be the hard part. Modzy makes MLOps easy. 

Modzy makes it easy for you to deploy, manage, and monitor your models in production at scale, ultimately enabling AI management for your enterprise. Modzy accelerates MLOps and ModelOps for organizations, allowing ongoing AI management and security. With Modzy, you’re laying the groundwork for long-term AI management.

The Modzy Model Deployment Feature enables data scientists to quickly deploy AI models into production – reducing what currently takes months into a matter of hours.

Upload your own models to your own private instance of the marketplace using our super easy-to-use self-service model upload feature, for deployment, management, and monitoring.

MLOps model deployment

Key MLOps Features

MLOps administration


Lay the foundation for MLOps and how your organization manages and monitors AI through Modzy’s administration capabilities

  • Custom authentication (SSO) for added security
  • Account management
  • User and role management
  • API key management
  • Logging, auditing, and usage analytics
  • On-prem, cloud, and hybrid deployments
MLOps platform administration

Platform Management

Leverage Modzy’s dashboards and reporting for clear insight into AI performance and usage across your enterprise

  • Model operations dashboard
  • Detailed job history and audit information
  • Inference optimization for both GPUs and CPUs
  • Data integration for embedded files, S3, JDBC, and more
  • Infrastructure governance for managing consumption and costs
  • High-priority job queue and auto-scaling 
  • Enterprise-grade application security
MLOps model management

Model Management

Establish governance for your models in production at scale
  • Model integration pipeline
  • Searchable model marketplace
  • Model biographies with performance metrics
  • Custom permissioning
  • Adversarial defense and data poison filters
  • Model consumption, limits and management
  • Explainable models

MLOps is the key to ensuring success for enterprise AI deployments. Modzy’s Platform Management and Model Management features enable real-time monitoring of AI use across your organization. Optimize AI use for your unique infrastructure needs, and leverage audit logs and usage analytics for insight into overall AI health, usage, and performance.

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