Defense & National Security

The proliferation of information collected during intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions is multiplying at an exponential rate, posing both opportunities and challenges with exploiting it. Through the power of AI, Modzy can help defense and national security professionals swiftly execute their missions to protect and defend our nation.

Transform your mission with Modzy, using AI that works on overhead imagery, recognizes and translates foreign languages, tracks moving vehicles in FMV, and dozens of other mission applications.

Modzy can help you find hidden patterns lurking within your data in real-time, enabling faster speed to mission.  Augment defense and intelligence analysts’ abilities to perform their jobs at faster speeds. Increase capacity to process intelligence from large geographic areas or from edge devices collecting petabytes of streaming or sensor data in real time, all at a fraction of the cost today. By providing a common management system for AI models running in production, Modzy is the AI layer needed to exploit the data fabric and enable Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2).

Modzy has solutions to accelerate speed to mission for defense and national security customers, and is built to comply with a wide range of security standards, including FISMA, FedRAMP, and NIST.


Rather than spending hours trying to locate and follow fast moving vehicles or other objects of interest, use AI to do so in real-time, flagging anomalies as they arise.

  • Follow objects such as people, vehicles, etc. in consecutive images or video frames
  • Geodetically track objects in any video containing standard compliant geodetic metadata to output the latitude and longitude coordinates of the tracked object in each video frame


Trust in AI’s ability to better detect objects, buildings, people, vehicles, etc. in video, imagery or other data, improving a human error-prone process, and share details with all necessary parties.

  • Identify and mark the outline of buildings within an image or photo, outputting an image with bounding boxes and pixel masks to flag buildings detected
  • Detect ships or other vessels using synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data

Language Analysis

Quickly and easily translate text in any languages, empowering your analysts to immediately focus on the meaning in the text.

  • Perform named entity recognition to detect and classify the entities contained in English or Arabic text to accelerate contextual analysis
  • Conduct to audio fingerprinting to identify unique characteristics in an individual’s speech patterns

AI powered by Modzy

Modzy Powers AI-Enhanced Mission Transformation for Defense and National Security Agencies

Modzy can search and find a specific object on the earth’s surface, using world-wide overhead imagery, in 16 hours

Modzy can be used to search all of DPRK (120,000 km2) for objects of interest and all of Iran (1,600,000 km2) at World View 3’s native resolution in a few hours for ~$300 of cloud computing cost.