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The Dream Team. Helping you unleash the full potential of AI in the Enterprise. Modzy partners with leading large and small machine learning companies, with qualifications such as In-Q-Tel backing, recognition on the CBInsights AI Top 100 list, and experience in NVIDIA’s Inception program for AI start-ups.

Partners and Integrators connect data systems, CI/CD pipelines, advise on AI strategy, or build solutions on the Modzy Platform via the open API


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Pre-trained, secure, and certified AI Models ready to accelerate your value. Choose from 100's of models from leading AI companies


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Best-of-breed hardware and software, such as ML training frameworks and AI chips that work seamlessly with the Modzy platform to accelerate your value


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Modzy provides a whole new channel for us to share our models with anyone facing similar problems. It’s reminiscent of the shift that took place in the early days of software, where everything was originally custom-made, to packaged applications that could be widely licensed. Now all the investment that goes into creating a model can be amortized over more potential users. It’s a game changer for the industry, and we’re very excited to be a partner

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

VP of AI and Machine Learning - Hypergiant Space Age Solutions


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