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Overview of ModelOps & Modzy

Seth Clark, Head of Product, gives an overview of ModelOps, MLOps and how Modzy is unlocking value with AI

Technical Demo of Modzy

Ellie Ray, Product Manager, gives a technical overview of Modzy and demos how to get value quickly with a ModelOps AI Platform

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Modzy AI Platform creates value for customers in many sectors and government, accelerating secure ModelOps at scale:

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Unlimited Use of Pre-Trained Models on the Modzy Platform

Quickly get started by subscribing to one or more of the pre-trained models available only in the Modzy marketplace, including:

  • Ability to retrain a Modzy model using your data
  • Models from Modzy and leading AI technology companies that support computer vision, natural language processing, video analysis tasks
  • Models with adversarial defensive techniques and early-stage explainability built in

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February 9, 2021
A combination of “deep learning” and “fake media,” a deepfake is manipulated video content that is nearly indistinguishable from authentic video. Deepfake creators often target celebrities, world leaders, and politicians, manipulating the video to portray …