Modzy Community Guidelines

Modzy is leading by example – committed to the idea that together, we can build AI free of bias, discrimination and that upholds a set of ethics principles. We all have important roles to play in building ethical AI.

At Modzy, we enable leaders of the world’s best organizations to create lasting value through scalable, secure, and ready to deploy AI models with our Enterprise AI platform and marketplace. Our partners are key to the success of Modzy for our customers. Our marketplace is a reflection of our values, and in keeping with this commitment, Modzy endeavors to uphold these clear guidelines for our community of model developers and customers. 

Modzy Community Guidelines


Marketplace model offerings should endeavor for transparency and explainability, in order to increase trust in AI by end users and other stakeholders. Allowing a clear understanding of how the model functions is key to ensuring the end user can identify the right opportunities for use, trust in the outcomes or predictions, and mitigate the effects of bias as it is detected.  

Technical Robustness and Safety

Marketplace model offerings should perform to declared standards and not cause unintentional harm. Model providers are required to submit verifiable metrics on performance, as well as to furnish relevant technical and training data descriptions so that end users can make informed choices to enable the missions or business needs they serve. 

Privacy and Data Governance

AI should aspire to prevent harm; respect for privacy and protection of data on individuals are fundamental to fulfilling this requirement. This includes not only adherence to applicable laws, but ethical employment of data derived through technological processes.

Diversity and Fairness

The Modzy Marketplace should enable diversity and fairness through inclusive, equitable, and appropriate model offerings that respect the rights of all. Modzy will not tolerate any model offerings that are not lawful and beneficial to society.


Marketplace model offerings should be designed and perform in a way that provides governance and auditability.  This necessitates appropriate controls and performance monitoring mechanisms in order to detect shortfalls in performance or the emergence of issues with fairness, privacy, or security. 

Modzy will adhere to these guidelines through a values-driven evaluation process for all model offerings and their providers, therefore these guidelines correspondingly apply to all Modzy Marketplace offerings and to the ethical conduct of their providers. These Community Guidelines are just one part of the ethical approach we have adopted across our organization and its technologies. Modzy reserves the right to regularly examine our partners to ensure compliance and to remove any Marketplace model offerings at any time it is subjectively determined that a violation of these guidelines has occurred.