How it Works

We make it easy for you.

Enterprise AI Platform

Modzy is designed to make it easy to discover, deploy, manage, and govern AI models in your environment.

Key Features Include:

  • Library for managing all of your AI models
  • Background information, training data, and performance metrics for all models
  • Scalable AI processing engine
  • Streamlined AI model deployment
  • APIs & SDKs for running AI models
  • Detailed logging and auditing
  • Access management for all AI models
  • Explainability in pixel-based neural networks
  • Poisoned data detection
  • Adversarial defense

Consistent API Access

Execute models with just a few lines of code via our APIs and SDKs.


Centralized Model Management

Manage AI models from across your entire organization.


Enterprise Grade Security

Protect AI assets with hardened application security and enterprise access management.


Logging & Auditing

Keep track of who is using AI and how it is being used 24/7.


Adversarial Defense

Protect your models from adversaries with robust model training and data poison filtering.


Deploy Anywhere

Deploy on bare metal, VMs, private clouds, or the public cloud.

AI Model Marketplace

Visit Modzy’s Model Marketplace to view dozens of AI models ready to help you solve some of the toughest challenges in computer vision, natural language processing, video analysis and much, much more.

The Modzy Architecture

Modern software applications that are built on open architectures have huge advantages for enterprises interested in tight integrations, avoiding vendor lock-in, and maintaining the ability to choose the products and services they need to support. Modzy is built to ensure that our customers retain the power to choose, and for the longevity to keep pace with evolving approaches and standards for system build and maintenance.

MLOps Accelerated​

Taking AI from lab to production is a carefully orchestrated process.


Stay Safe & Secure

We are hardening Modzy to meet all of FISMA’s most stringent controls, preparing our product for meeting numerous accreditation standards, including FedRAMP. Modzy will be FedRAMP Ready at our scheduled launch in May. We are working closely with clients within both the I.C. as well as the DOD to achieve accreditation on a number of classified environments.


Use your favorite languages, frameworks, and tools

Modzy doesn't limit you to specific toolsets. We designed our platform to deliver seamless integrations with your model development, training, or workflow tool of choice from the frameworks and workbenches you use today.

Example languages and frameworks supported by Modzy

Know what your models know

See inside the AI black box with Modzy. We believe that when users can see why an AI model is making a decision they are better equipped to judge the usefulness of incorporating the AI model into their mission space. We store the results of each job so you can know how decisions are being made.


Deploy Anywhere

Modzy is built to run anywhere you need enterprise AI, from stand-alone on-premise environments in secured networks, to private and public cloud deployments on your preferred cloud provider. We also offer AI-as-a-Service directly from for pay as you go use.

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