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Analyst Report – Forrester Research Introducing ModelOps to Operationalize AI

What is ModelOps?

“Also known as machine learning operations (MLOps), ModelOps comprises tools, technologies, and practices to enable organizations to deploy, monitor, and govern machine learning models and other analytical models in production applications.” This report from Forrester Research sheds light on how ModelOps can help organizations reduce the time it takes to deploy AI into production at scale, and how they are unlocking business value with AI. Download to learn more about how you could be powering your enterprise AI applications with ModelOps.


Ready for ModelOps?

Modzy is the Secure ModelOps Platform to discover, deploy, manage & govern machine learning at scale, so you get to value faster. If you want access to certified and pre-trained models from leading tech companies, the model repository and marketplace places you on the path for a clear competitive advantage.

With cutting-edge features such as embedded governance, adversarial defense, model retraining, and explainability, Modzy solves last-mile challenges with ModelOps to scale your AI faster and easier than ever before.

See How Modzy can be your Secure ModelOps Platform

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