Gain transparency. Ensure governance. Embed security. Modzy allows you to scale AI to the enterprise and more

The Modzy Difference: AI Executives Can Trust

Early AI adoption is still an opportunity. Maybe you’re looking for a competitive edge, maybe you’re getting pressure from above, or maybe you’re a technology pioneer looking to change the world. Modzy provides executives with an enterprise AI platform and marketplace of pre-trained models from some of the leading AI and machine learning technology companies, making it easy to get started. Not only do you get choice, but with just a few lines of code, you could be using AI in your organization today.

Your organization’s projects deserve to see daylight. Operationalizing AI is hard, and many organizations struggle to get their AI projects out of the lab and into production. Modzy extracts the complexities of running a model at scale with a simple interface. That means you get an enterprise-grade AI platform that provides speed, scale, security and governance across multiple deployment options in a repeatable, open-way.  

Simple pricing is brilliant. We’ve never met a buyer that asked for unpredictable billing with hidden fees that are too complex to understand. Modzy offers predictable pricing across multiple deployment options – no more confusing plans or cloud provider vendor lock-in. With your subscription price, you get unlimited use of our enterprise AI platform and the models you select. And, uploading your own models is included!

“Shadow AI” is scary. Just like shadow IT, shadow AI concerns us, too. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to wrap your models in our open architecture API and upload them to your very own customer-controlled marketplace. That way, you can immediately understand what AI assets you have and how to best manage your risk.

Finally, there’s a solution for scaling AI to the enterprise in a safe, secure manner. Modzy provides you centralized oversight for how AI is being used within your organization, enabling cost savings, operating efficiencies and reduced security risks from ‘shadow AI.’ Modzy can deployed wherever you need it – via the cloud, on-premise or to edge devices. With embedded governance, model monitoring, logging, and auditing, you can keep track of who is using your AI and how it’s being used within your organization at all times. Security is central to what we offer, which is why all our assets are protected with hardened application security and enterprise access management. Add in our patent-pending adversarial defense solutions to ensure the integrity of your AI remains intact, and you can ensure that only trustworthy AI is deployed to your enterprise.

Here’s what executives love about Modzy

Easy Deployment

  • Modzy allows your data scientist and development teams to build secure AI-powered applications that can scale to the enterprise, in reduced time, at lower cost and with reduced risk.
  • We manage the hard part of managing the MLOps process, so you don’t have to. Your teams can choose which models they’d like to deploy to then manage and monitor within the Modzy platform.

Embedded Governance

  • Enterprise AI doesn’t have to be the wild west anymore. Our embedded governance allows executives to view AI usage and performance across your enterprise in real-time.
  • With simple administrative dashboard views to set and review role-based access controls (RBACs) and automated logging and auditing, not only can you see how AI is being used, but you can also keep track of infrastructure usage to prevent any unsuspected cost spikes.


  • Modzy meets the most stringent security controls, preparing our product for meeting numerous compliance and accreditation standards, to include FISMA, FedRAMP and more.
  • Our patent-pending adversarial defense solutions ensure that your AI models remain secure, while also preventing bad data from impacting how you make decisions. 

Trusted Solutions

  • Our team has been on the front lines of the fight for trusted, ethical AI even before it was “cool.” We hold ourselves, partners and teams to a higher standard, offering you top-performing, cutting-edge solutions you can trust.
  • We understand that the “black box” concept that often accompanies machine learning and AI is contrary to the idea of building trusted AI. We have patent-pending explainability solutions that ensure transparency into AI-enabled recommendations. 

Sharpen Your Vision on AI

Let Modzy combat “Shadow AI” with a clear vision on AI security, governance, and operations for your organization.

Modzy provides you centralized oversight for how AI is being used within your organization, enabling cost savings, operating efficiencies and reduced security risks