Powerful Integrations

Modzy integrates with your favorite tools, machine learning training frameworks, data pipelines, CI/CD systems, and front-end applications

Add AI to business apps with Modzy
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Machine Learning Frameworks

Modzy connects and integrates with your favorite tools to ensure you can easily package and deploy models into production at scale, removing the barrier it takes to build AI powered applications.

Tools, Data Pipelines, CI/CD Systems, and Monitoring

Modzy is ModelOps. With so many free, Open-Source industry standard ML tools and commercial products, accelerating your ModelOps and specific MLOps pipelines with Modzy integrations is easy.


Modzy Open Source SDKs, REST endpoints, and libraries for many developer languages enables integration into your custom apps.

Cloud Providers

Deploy Anywhere. Cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Modzy can be cloud native on these common Cloud Service Providers.

Business Apps, Front End Apps & Value Creation

Supercharge your applications with Machine Learning. Integrating Modzy with your existing tools is as simple as making an REST API call. Use the API to integrate into User Apps, Mobile Apps, ETL pipelines or IoT devices.

Modzy Integrations with Geospatial Mapping

Easy integration for GIS and mapping. Supports many uses cases. Watch this customer use-case to see a Modzy vehicle detection model integrated into QGIS.

Add AI to Tableau workflows

Easily add AI to your Tableau workflows using Modzy. This customer example is extending home loan processing with AI from Modzy.

Better customer service in Salesforce with Modzy AI

AI-powered sentiment analysis integrated into Salesforce's customer support portal. By integrating Modzy with Salesforce, teams can analyze support tickets to flag and escalate high priority requests.

Autodeploy Sagemaker model with Modzy

See how easy it is to deploy a model developed with Sagemaker into production with Modzy.

Modzy MLFlow integration

See algorithmic pipeline deployment from a model trained in MLFlow and deployed to production with Modzy.

Integration possibilities are endless.

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