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Developer essentials to get started quickly. Integrate with data pipelines and business applications, deploy and run models, and control every aspect of the platform via API.

AI for developers, by developers.
by developers Modzy CLI

Modzy CLI & SDKs

Use command line interface to build, test, and manage your integration with Modzy directly from your terminal.

Easy to use ModelOps and MLOps documentation

API Docs

Explore our full API documentation with guides and examples to quickly use the Modzy platform to deploy and run machine learning models.


Save time with interactive Modzy code recipes for many different languages.


Get a developer guided tour on many of the best Modzy features.

Interactive, easy docs for developers

Full API documentation, recipes, and how-to guides help you get started quickly. You can even download sample projects.

Open Source Model Containerizer with

Build models directly into DevOps-ready container images for inference

Supports parallel builds in Kubernetes jobs, using Kaniko, no Docker socket required

Generates Open Model Interface compatible images that are multi-purpose and portable working on multiple platforms

Powerful Integrations

Modzy integrates with your favorite tools, machine learning training frameworks, data pipelines, CI/CD systems, and front-end applications.

Military grade security

Architected to comply with military-grade security requirements. Security for your enterprise authentication, authorization, and user management.

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