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Developer essentials and resources to get started quickly. Learn how to integrate with data pipelines and business applications, deploy and run models, and control every aspect of the platform via API.

Modzy Command Line (CLI)

Build, test, and manage your integration with Modzy directly from your terminal.

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Explore our API guides and examples to use the Modzy platform.

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Modzy Samples

Build with sample code designed to help you get started with your Modzy integration.

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Open Source Model Containerizer with

Build models directly into DevOps-ready container images for inference

Supports parallel builds in Kubernetes jobs, using Kaniko, no Docker socket required

Generates Open Model Interface compatible images that are multi-purpose and portable working on multiple platforms

Get started

Install Modzy Command Line Interface (CLI)

Making AI easy for developers. We provide official SDK libraries for different programming languages and mobile platforms.

Clone the repository:
$ git clone

Use pip to install
$ pip install ./sdk-python

Clone the repository:
$ git clone

Use yarn to package and install the SDK:
$ yarn global add ./sdk-javascript

In an existing project (directly from github):
$ yarn add modzy/sdk-javascript

Or you can use npm:
$ npm install -g ./sdk-javascript

In an existing project (directly from github):
$ npm install modzy/sdk-javascript

Clone the repository:
$ git clone

Use maven to install the SDK.
$ ./mvnw install -DskipTests=true

Join the Modzy developer community

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Submit feature ideas for roadmap

Easily make your models deployable to Modzy

See the simple steps to wrap a basic image classification model implemented in PyTorch. This example takes a model built with a resnet 101 architecture, trained on the ImageNet dataset, and prepares the model for deployment to Modzy.

Modzy Full API Reference

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Modzy on GitHub

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